October 8th, 2019 - Coffee with the Principal

Post date: Oct 9, 2019 11:23:01 PM

  1. Examples of policies reviewed

    1. Behavior

    2. Dress Code

    3. Wellness – 112, 112.1, 112.1A

    4. https://www.richfieldschools.org/Page/864

    5. Not all policies are currently translated to Spanish, but they will be soon.

  2. Workshop Week

    1. This is the week before school starts, when teachers and staff prepare for the school year.

    2. Different this year because of construction!

    3. 2 full days of professional development.

    4. RDLS team has been great working with/through all the construction.

    5. Focuses of workshop week:

      1. One team

      2. Radical hospitality

      3. Success for ALL

  3. In order to reach these goals…

    1. Evaluations

      1. Instructions (rigor, differentiation, equity…)

      2. Support teachers – where does the teacher need assistance?

      3. Make decisions on staffing each year

    2. Licensed staff observations

      1. Renewing contract – peer reviewers (2)

      2. Renewing contract on cycle – 1 by administrator, 1 by peer reviewer

      3. Probationary – 3 observations by administrator

      4. Probationary – Mentor (peer reviewer)

      5. Q: If teachers are not licensed/waiting on a license, what does RDLS do?

        1. They are partnered with a licensed substitute until the license arrives.

      6. Q: Are evaluation standards aligned with the statewide standards for effective teaching?

        1. Yes.

    3. PLC – Professional Learning Community

      1. Every grade level has a PLC

      2. Meet regularly to discuss curriculum, instruction, etc.

  4. MCA Data

    1. Norms & Expectations

      1. Be courageous in conversations

      2. Assume positive intentions

    2. Data can be found at: https://rc.education.state.mn.us/#mySchool/orgId--10280705000__p--3

    3. Goals for 2018-2019 school year

      1. Student readings scores to increase 3% (32.8 --> 35.8%)

      2. Student math scores to increase 3% (39.7 --> 42.7%)

    4. Results

      1. Math – surpassed the goal – increased by almost 8%, not 3% (47.3%)

      2. Reading – missed by .1% (35.7%)

    5. Math and reading scores are still low across the board - this is a district-wide problem?

      1. Only 47% of students are performing at grade level (math)

      2. 35.7% of students performing at grade level (reading)

    6. Next Steps

      1. Ask questions

        1. What actions will you take based on this data?

        2. What actions did team members take that were effective?, etc.

        3. What did people struggle with?

        4. What will you do to retest or refine, embed a change, reject a strategy, or create a new plan?

        5. What will you do for students who have not learned the material? What about for those who didWhat did people struggle with?

        6. What will you do to retest or refine, embed a change, reject a strategy, or create a new plan?

        7. What will you do for students who have not learned the material? What about for those who did?

      2. School Improvement Plan (SIP)

        1. Based on data dig done in June

        2. Submitted 9/1/2019

        3. Revised and resubmitted quarterly

          1. Are we doing what we said we would be doing?

      3. Title 1

        1. School-wide funds

        2. 2019-2020 Goals

        3. You received and signed a form during meet your teacher

      4. Goals for 2019-2020 school year?

        1. Grow another 3% in each category

          1. Math --> 50.3%

          2. Reading --> 38.7%

  5. Q: How are children grouped into classrooms?

    1. In May, all teachers in a grade discuss all of the children and place each into one of three groups.

      1. Look at language, gender, academic ability, etc.

      2. List of things they look at can be found in the policies(?)

      3. Social worker is brought in for social/emotional analysis

      4. Teachers make the groups; Marta just reviews/approves

  6. School Climate Survey

    1. 2nd grade and up

    2. District-created (this is not the statewide survey)

    3. Richfield Public Schools is committed to ensuring our schools are safe and welcoming to all. This year one way we will begin to assess that is through a School Climate Survey.

    4. The data collected from the survey will be used to address any school climate concerns if/when problems are identified by students, families or staff.

    5. October and November

    6. An opt-out form went home with your child. Contact school if you did not receive and want one.

    7. Parent Survey

      1. Will be asked to take at parent-teacher conferences next week.

      2. Will be asked to take one at each school your children attend – building-specific

  7. Book of the Month Program – Allyson Wolf (Part-time teaching coach)

    1. allyson.voss@rps.mn.org

    2. Book of the Month was well-received by teachers and students last year and we would like to repeat.

    3. Entire school reads the same book each month.

    4. Cost covers 1 book per classroom per month.

    5. $1,864.60 is the total for the year; one book for each classroom

      1. Q: Last year we received a grant for part of this. Can we look into that as well? Allyson will follow-up with Melissa Ness to see what that grant was.

    6. PTSO has included this in their budget for the year – will be paid for.

  8. Q: How can we ensure that all students are reading at grade level? Are we using evidence-based reading strategies? How can parents support, volunteer, etc.

    1. RDLS is attempting to institute some new strategies, including small groups with volunteers for reading assistance.

    2. Contact Allyson if you are interested in volunteering to assist students with reading or get involved with literacy at RDLS in other ways.

  9. Guest Speaker: Optimus Club of Richfield

    1. Raises money through the sale of yard flags; re-distributes that money to support youth in the community.

  10. Cafeteria should be ready next week!