March 19th, 2019 - General Meeting Minutes

Post date: Mar 22, 2019 10:17:35 PM

  1. Call to Order

  2. Guest speaker: Cynthy Mandl

    1. Richfield Friendship City Commision; our friendship city is Heredia, Costa Rica (since 1991)

      1. Program where a US city has a relationship with a foreign city

    2. Photo exhibit of Costa Rican wildlife

      1. Family friendly event; refreshments provided at reception on April 6th, 1:00-3:00pm at Richfield Community Center

  3. 501c3 status:

    1. Process has begun!

    2. Formalizes our organization; will open up more fundraising/donation activities from businesses who will be able to claim the donations on their taxes

    3. Exciting opportunity to grow the work of the PTSO!

    4. Katie Sheperd is heading up this effort. Thank you Katie!

  4. Fundraising Update

    1. Read-a-Thon Update

      1. Students raised over $1500

      2. Many thanks to Emily Gold for an incredible month! Lots of creativity and time went into her plan.

    2. Silent Auction April 13th, Local Roots Café -- 5:30pm-whenever

      1. Collapsing Stars (band) will be playing at the event

      2. Biggest fundraiser of the year; need donations from parents, friends, family, community members, businesses!

      3. Donations: what are we looking for?

        1. Monetary donations to assist with overhead costs

        2. Basket donations

          1. Each grade is doing a basket – children will be asking for donations

        3. Service donations - do you have a skill or trade you could offer up?

          1. Knitting lessons, car detailing, home-cooked meal, etc. Anything you think someone might be willing to spend money on!

        4. Wine bottles

          1. Looking for donated bottles of wine for a wine pull

  5. End of the year picnic, May 29at Veterans Park

    1. More info coming!

  6. Open PTSO Board Positions for 2019-2021 School Year

    1. Spanish-speaking co-president

    2. Volunteer Coordinator

    3. Fundraising Coordinator

  7. News from Marta

    1. 1 amity has been solidified for next year

    2. If interested in hosting an amity speak to Sra. Marta or anyone on the board!

  8. Sra. Taylor: wanted to thank the PTSO for funding the choir’s performance at the MOA

    1. Choir will next be performing at Richfield’s Empty Bowls event, March 28th

    2. Is looking for guitar and piano teachers willing to offer group music lessons with the Community Education program – a more affordable way to provide music lessons – do you know anyone?

  9. Polly: specialist night was really phenomenal!

  10. Adjourn