February 19th, 2019 - PTSO Meeting Minutes

Post date: Feb 19, 2019 3:12:41 PM

Coffee with the Principal - Sra. Marta's Agenda

  • Packing for school construction

    • Two evenings – school will be open until 9pm

    • Only a few adults – teachers will plan

      • April 19th

      • May 17th

    • Saturday packing – morning or afternoon

      • Teachers are voting on soon

  • Kinder Registration Night

    • Number registered – 47, this is a good number to start

    • Number of classes – not able to say yet; will be set in May

  • Amities

    • Correction from last meeting: application fee $1600 each

    • Requesting 3 + 1

      • Need to write two requests – one for the 3 we already have, one for the extra one we are requesting

    • Stipend increased to $2400 – for 10 months, $240/month

      • We are able to have control over the money this year, and can divide it and dispense it in the way that works best for the amities. This will allow us to avoid the amities having such a long wait between when they start and when they first get payment.

    • Extra stipend to help with lunch? $400/amity

      • District says they cannot assist with this

  • Survey

  • RDLS Families Facebook

    • Purpose: sharing and requesting school-related information

    • What happens on the facebook page impacts the school – page is for the sharing of information, not the airing of grievances. Take grievances to the person/group directly!

  • Next morning meeting will be a big meeting!

  • Have a great month :)