December 17th, 2019 - Coffee with the Principal

Post date: Dec 17, 2019 4:47:00 PM

  1. Welcome & Activity

  2. MEDIA Room Update

      1. Slow process!

        1. Mistakes were made in shelf order...

      2. Volunteers have supported the set-up - thank you!

  3. Gifts to Employees (district policy):

    1. Must be:

      1. $35 or less from individuals/families

      2. $100 or less from groups (PTSO)

      3. Teachers may accept gifts of books for the classroom - not a personal gift, so monetary amounts do not apply

    2. Parents are encouraged to show appreciation by:

      1. Verbal expression, note of appreciation, to supervisor/Board of Ed

      2. Small tokens of appreciation, memorabilia

      3. Donation in teacher’s name to Richfield or Spartan Foundation

  1. Storage - volunteers needed

    1. Volunteers needed to organize closets in the lunchroom. Please contact: Danielle Barr on Facebook group.

  1. Uniform Policy

    1. RDLS: only school in district with uniform policy

    2. We need support from the parents to make uniforms successful!

    3. As a school, we agreed:

      1. POLO shirt, which means that it has a collar

      2. However, t-shirts (no collar) in a SOLID uniform color with no designs are ok.

      3. Leggings and sweatpants? Ok, as long as they are uniform color and solid - no designs, stripes down the side, etc.

      4. Sweaters? ONLY black or burgundy, must be solid color - no decorations/designs. (Hoods ok)

      5. Spirit wear: let’s keep it to Friday as much as possible! Part of what makes Friday fun and exciting.

    4. If student is not in uniform, what happens? A note is written to Luis. He calls home, reminds of policy, and asks if family need assistance with purchasing uniform clothes. Child is never asked to change clothes or made an example of.

    5. New? Monara Pride award: if classroom has every student in uniform 3 days in a row, they get to display a stuffed monarch in the classroom for the week.

  1. Strategic Plan

    1. The one we created with Dr. Unowsky’s leadership is coming to an end (5 years)

    2. We will start creating a new one in January 2020 for the next 5 years

    3. You will receive information about how to be an active member of this process.

  1. Sound System

    1. The one we have is old and not in the best shape

    2. We would like a smaller system, that is easier to be used

    3. I have requested suggestions from the Technology Department. I will share those with the PTSO.

    4. PTSO helped to purchase the first system, is open to assisting in purchase again.

  1. Latin American Festival - Friday, 12/20 at Richfield HIGH SCHOOL

    1. Parking: must park on the street - cannot park in the high school lot/only for high school students! We will cover street signs so parking is open close to the high school.

    2. Classes staying?

      1. All kindergarteners will be coming back; two 1st grade classrooms are also coming back (Barrios, Sosa are coming back)

    3. 9:00-10:00am - K, 1, 2

    4. 10:15-11:15am - 3, 4, 5

    5. Q: Accessible parking?

      1. It’s unclear because of the construction where these spots are/have gone.

      2. Drop folks off directly at the door instead. Door 5, by the gym.

    6. Parents cannot take their children from the high school after the program! If you want to take your children home after the festival, you must come back to the school and pick them up from school. This is a safety issue.

  1. Q from parent: How many days a year do teachers have as “vacation?”

    1. 3 discretionary days (don’t have to tell us what they are using them for)

    2. 7 sick days

    3. ~ 10 days total

  1. Q from parent: Morning drop-off - still having some issues. Re-publish the rules of drop-off?

    1. Must keep moving in line. If child needs to be walked inside, must park and do so - not hold up the drop-off line.

  1. Q from parent: lockdown drills? Can parents receive notification of these and talking points for debriefing with children afterwards?

    1. Two: lockdown with warning, lockdown without warning - different protocols for if intruder is outside the building or inside the building.

    2. Also: tornado drill, fire drill

    3. Sra. Marta: Cannot give parents warning ahead of time because of concerns that children will be prepped for the event and therefore will not behave as they will need to behave in a real scenario. However, we could send an email or note home that day or the next day letting parents know that it took place and giving some talking points.

    4. PTSO is hoping to provide some educational curriculum at future evening PTSO events. If you have ideas about what you would like to see, please contact Roxana Bailey at!