September 18th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Post date: Sep 20, 2018 9:53:47 PM

PTSO General Meeting - 1stMeeting of the 2018-2019 year

  1. Welcome and Board Introductions

  2. Thank you Carly Kidd for all of your hard work on the PTSO over the past few years!

  3. Community building activity.

  4. 2018-2019 goals

    1. Grow and strengthen our community as parents and teachers

    2. Increase numbers at PTSO meetings

    3. Brand PTSO and become a 501c3

      1. What does that mean?

        1. Would give us nonprofit status

      2. What would it get us?

        1. More assistance from the community – if businesses could write off their donations on their taxes, we might see more community sponsorship and support

      3. What has prevented us from becoming a 501c3?

        1. Time and money

  5. Annual Budget Discussion & Approval

    1. Fundraisers – same as last year except addition of Fall Fundraiser

      1. Where does this money go?

        1. Section C on the budget – what we spend the money on: books, teacher reimbursements, staff appreciation

    2. 501c3 finances = $5,000 (doesn’t mean that’s what it is going to cost, because we should be able to find help in the process in our community)

      1. PTSO raised $45,000 for the playground over 3 years; district had extra money thanks to referendum, so only needed to contribute $25,000. Left us with an extra $20,000 we were not expecting. Books in Spanish are very needed. Approved $10,000 to be spent on books at May 2018 meeting. Books were not purchased over the summer – Melissa Ness is leading this project and will take suggestions moving forward.

    3. One additional change: teacher reimbursements should be $4,500 – we had a request that new teachers get an additional amount.

    4. Budget was approved by a simple majority

  6. Ways to get involved with the fundraising events [contact Jen to get involved!]

    1. October 26th: Glow Run (kids run laps on a course at night)

      1. Need volunteers for set-up, serving food, clean-up/tear down

      2. Need sponsors: get business recognition – know any businesses that would want to sponsor?

    2. April fundraiser will need lots of volunteers

      1. Need a new venue: anyone have suggestions?

      2. Will need donations: do you have a skill you can contribute/donate? Get in touch with Jen. Time or talent!

    3. Book fair in fall and spring during parent-teacher conferences – we are looking for someone to take these over! Please contact Polly about this.

  7. Announcements from Señora Marta

    1. Uniform clarification

      1. Khaki, black, or grey for uniform bottoms

      2. White, black, grey, or burgundy for tops

      3. Shoes can be black dress shoes OR any color gym shoes. Must be closed toe.

      4. Sweater/sweatshirts: only black or burgundy, with no writing or design

    2. Children must be dropped off in the morning in the back of the school. No children will be allowed to enter in the front in the morning. It's a safety issue for the buses.

    3. 3 amities this year; 2 from Colombia, 1 from Spain

      1. Amities are available to tutor – cannot accept cash/check payments, gift cards only.

      2. Amities are available for dinner, activities, etc. Please invite them out!

  8. Thank you for coming and spirit wear giveaway!