October 9th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Post date: Oct 11, 2018 12:26:56 AM

PTSO Meeting/Coffee with the Principal

  1. Welcome and Activity

    1. Activity from Innocent Classroom: a program that all teachers, admin, and staff are going through this year - http://innocentclassroom.com/

  2. Summary of the start of the 2018/2019 school year

    1. All PTSO meetings will be conducted in both English and Spanish. Agendas will be shortened to ensure that the meetings remain the same length.

    2. Enrollment: 472 including 40 in pre-k

    3. Workshop Week:

      1. Lucy Calkins reading curriculum

        1. High Expectations, Achievable Goals

          1. Reading units of study… (5-6 weeks, varies by grade)

        2. A Clear Instructional Arc

          1. Focuses on more than just the level the student is reading at

      2. ENVoY

        1. Provides a range of strategies which focus on non-verbal communication skills to manage classroom groups

        2. Systematic approach to managing four distinct parts of a lesson

        3. A vehicle to influence

        4. 2 hour refresher for trained staff

        5. 1 day training for new staff

  3. Observations of staff

    1. Renewing contract – peer reviewers (2)

    2. Renewing contract on cycle – administrator (1) and peer reviewer (1)

    3. Probationary – administrator (3)

    4. Probationary – mentor (peer reviewer)

    5. 9 new teachers this year; 2 brand new to teaching, 2 from Spain

  4. SES – Student Engagement Specialist

    1. New position this year: Meghan

  5. Amities: Santiago – Columbia; Marta – Spain; Nestor – Columbia

    1. Need winter clothing for Santiago and Nestor. Clothing has been purchased; how can we support the purchase?

      1. Approximately $300 has been spent, but all amities could use new/better boots.

    2. Ann, Yesenia are heading to a sale this weekend. Will look into getting some boots in different sizes to store in the basement.

    3. Ann: other dual schools ask parents to contribute some money for the amities every year. $5 per family per year might be appropriate for RDLS families? This could be used for winter clothing and incidentals.

      1. Important: Amities do not receive their first stipend for their work here until the end of October/beginning of November.

    4. Polly: can we see the amity contract/does it clarify what is the responsibility of the host families? There is a lot of grey area here.

      1. Need to develop a sustainable program going forward to support the amity program.

      2. Sra. Marta: we need to have a meeting between the PTSO Board and the Amity program.

  6. Book of the Month Program

    1. Each month teachers will receive a selected book that lends itself to conversations around culture, race, and equity.

    2. Our First Book: All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color

    3. Windows & Mirrors: windows – see outside of themselves and their world (perspective-taking); mirrors – see themselves reflected in the curriculum.

    4. Project cost is $1783 for the school year

      1. We have applied for a grant for $750 of that. Won’t know if we received the grant until the end of November.

    5. Sheridan Hills began the program in the district. We have selected bilingual books and/or Spanish books.

    6. Members approved the proposal – we will move forward with Book of the Month.

  7. MCA Data – will be discussed next meeting

  8. SIP (School Improvement Plan) – will be discussed next meeting

  9. Audrey: Concordia Language Villages might provide opportunities for the amities; willing to take the lead on the Box Top program.