Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2018

Post date: Nov 20, 2018 3:34:59 PM

  1. Fundraising

    1. Looking to form a fundraising team – group of 4-5 people to get together to plan and assist with fundraising events for the year

    2. Led by Jen Connelly

      1. Jen will lead the team. Individuals on the committee can be involved in various ways, according to their skillset/comfort level: volunteer on day of event, marketing, translation, getting donations, purchasing the film/buying the licensing, etc.

    3. We made $800 at the Glow Run Event on 10/26!

    4. Family Fun Night is always a “suggested donation.” Everyone is welcome! It is a community builder, as well as a fundraiser.

    5. RDLS PTSO made $7400 this year in the CherryDale Fundraiser!

      1. CherryDale pickup will be Tuesday, 11/20. Mike will need two volunteers on the day of.

      2. We need a new parent to take the lead on Cherrydale moving forward (2019-2020).

        1. Ann volunteered to step in to the role. Thank you Ann!

    6. Family Movie Night, December 7th– Incredibles 2

      1. A more expensive event to put on than the Glow Run because we have to buy the rights to the film.

      2. We will have table games in the gym, as well.

    7. Thank you to all the new parents who volunteered for the Glow Run Event! We appreciate you!

  2. Senora Carrie Taylor’s ask

    1. Has started a choir for the 5thgraders.

    2. 1stperformance will be at the Latin American Festival on 12/21.

    3. Needed 25 students to be approved -- 33 5thgraders have joined!

    4. Performances scheduled throughout the year, including at the Mall of America in the spring.

    5. Has asked PTSO to fund some of the transportation costs for the new choir.

      1. Motion to approve $120 for transportation? Seconded. Voted. Motion passed.

  3. PTSO is purchasing spirit wear t-shirts for all of the students at RDLS. Will be ordered tomorrow!

  4. Attendees’ questions:

    1. RDLS calendar is empty again online. Nikki (PTSO secretary) will look into it.

    2. What is the status of the classroom book project (surplus money from playground money that was raised)? In process. Hopefully order will be placed in 2-3 weeks.

    3. What is Erin Hernandez’s role on the PTSO? Erin is the room parent coordinator, a position which is not on the PTSO Board, but she also assists the PTSO Volunteer Coordinator at times.