May 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Post date: May 16, 2018 3:19:53 PM

1. Held elections for open Board positions. Here is the PTSO Board for 2018-2019

Spanish Speaking Co-President: Yesenia Barcenas

English Speaking Co-President: Polly Inestroza

Treasurer: Emily Overpeck

Secretary: Nikki Engel

Fundraising Coordinator: Jen Connolly

Volunteer Coordinator: Reem Reyes

Thank you to all of you for giving your time and energy to improve our school!!!

2. End of year picnic is 6 p.m. on May 30th at Veteran's Park. The picnic is potluck and a flyer with food assignments by grade level went home this week.

3. Companies to Classrooms: Non-profit that provides free and very low cost school supplies to teaches is in despearte need of financial donations due to large rent increase. Info. on how to donate will be on school facebook page soon.

4. Heart of the Dance: Board voted unanimously that $2000 of PTSO funds for just one grade level is too much. RDLS will not participate. Centennial and STEM school have also declined participation.

5. Treasurer Update: After meeting all expenses, PTSO has $5000 to spend from this year. Also, the district has informed us the PTSO only needs to contribute $25,000 to playground and we have $45,000 saved, so we have another $20,000 on hand and uncommitted.

6. Teachers were surveyed about classroom needs. Number one request was more books for classroom libraries. PTSO voted to spend up to $10,000 over the summer on books for classroom libraries. Melissa Ness will be consulted on how best to procure appropriate books.

7. Melissa Ness will take over as Teacher Rep for next year. Thank you so much to Mary Abel for her service in this position.

8. By laws were approved and are on the website. The Spanish version is in need of some minor editing which will occur soon.

9. In order to transition the board, Ericka Garcia and Carly Kidd will be removed from the RBCU account. Emily Overpeck and Yesenia Barcenas will be added to the account.

*****Thank you, Carly Kidd, for your 5 years of service on the PTSO Board as both Secretary and President. Thank you Erika Garcia for your two years of service as Treasurer!******