November 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Post date: Nov 22, 2017 2:21:55 PM

Thank you to the 8 people that made it out the night before a long weekend for this month's meeting!

1. Scholastic Book Fair Update: Total sales of $4360 ($200 less than last year). Scholastic dollars profit of $2175. Scholastic dollars can be used to buy books from a limited selection of Scholastic Books. Melissa Ness and Vanessa Krebsbach are working on using the Scholastic Dollars for the benefit of our students.

2. Recent Family Fun Night: Raised just under $400, and attendees reported was a lot of fun. Big thanks to all who volunteered!

3. Cherrydale Update: Final numbers not yet in. Expected profits between $7000 and $8000. Delivery and limo ride on Monday.

4. Jen working on setting up a Scrip fundraising program. This program would allow us to sell a variety of gift cards year round, gift cards many of us buy anyway. Each gift card would have a rebate percentage that would go directly to the PTSO.

5. Sra. Marta's updates:

*Amities are really great this year! Hoping to have 4 next year.

*Sra. Marta just returned from a 5 day training on Dual Immersion Education. She and a district ESL teacher will be preparing a presentation for district administrators that will direct a conversation

about how to continue to improve our program.

*Split grade classroom is going really well.

6. Website domain will be updated at cost of $20.17. This item is already in the budget.

7. Directory printing estimate is for $347.80. $350 was budgeted.

8. Ken Friel will be particpating in a Fulbright program. He has received a leave from the district for this opportunity, in which he (along with his family) will live in Columbia for 5 months and learn about math instruction in Columbia. It was proposed the PTSO send money with him to purchase books for RDLS in Columbia. Issues to research: prices, customs issues, exchange rate Mike DiRoma says his company would help with international shipping costs.

9. Lengthy discussion of how facilty referendum passage will affect placement of future playground. There ia a possibility of changes to the back of STEM and RDLS to improve safety of pick-up and drop-off of both schools. No concrete information at this time. Will have to wait for district's plans. Committees are being formed at the district level to guide decisions.

Next Meeting: December 19th at 7:45 a.m.