Meeting Minutes Feb. 22, 2017

Post date: Feb 22, 2017 10:11:52 PM

Guest Speaker Cynthy Mandl from Richfield Friendship City Commission: She informed us a sculptor from Richfield's sister city, Heredia, Costa Rica, is donating a sculpture of a Costa Rican girl playing soccer to our city. It will be dedicated at City Hall the last week in June. They are interested in student involvement in the dedication ceremony and will also be looking for host families to house the Costa Rican delegation. She estimates they will need 6 or so homes for 1 week.

Guest Speaker Brittany O'Connor, RDLS Talent Development Teacher. Brittanygave a presentation on creating a Growth Mindset in Your Student. If you are interested in this topic, check out this website: Note: This site does sell a product, but it is not necessary to purchase the product to peruse the information about Growth Mindset on their site.

Bracelt Fundraiser for Schafer Family: 2nd grade RDLS student, Rissy Schafer, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and has undergone surgery. She has lots of further treatment ahead of her. Rissy is a gymnast and our community will be selling bracelets that say "Gymnast Strong" to help with her family's MANY medical expenses. Mary Abel has agreed to front the money to purchase the bracelets and they will be sold for $2 each. Proceeds will go to the Schafer family.

Videos for Rissy: Rissy has enjoyed receving videos from friends. If your child would like to send her a video, please e-mail it to her mom, Kelly Schafer, at

Facility Planning Process - Feedback needed from parents A 3rd party consultant has recommended $191,000,000 in recommended improvements to district properties, including HVAC issues, windows, doors, bathrooms, etc. District is seeking parent feedback on priorities.

Need ideas for use of PTSO funds once playground account reaches $45,000. We need to earn $12,000 more to reach our goal. RBCU has offered $2000 if we receive 2 other $25,000 grants. Once that goal is reached, what are other priorites? Ideas included 1. Providing a spirit wear shirt for each student 2. Funding one field trip per grade 3. Improving Amity stipend

Happy Hour & Silent Auction March 11th at VFW - Invite on facebook page Event will include taco bar, live music, and of course excellent company!

Financial Update: General Fund at $8000, Playground Fund at $30,500

End of Year Family Picnic will be the evening of May 31st at Veteran's Park

RDLS sweatshirts. Question asked whether they should be viewed primarily as a fundraiser or primarily as a way to build community. Consensus was community building should be the primary goal; recommended selling next year at as close to cost as possible.

Next Meeting: March 21st at 6 p.m.