PTSO Minutes March 15, 2016

Post date: Mar 16, 2016 1:56:27 PM

PTSO Minutes 3/15

5th grade RDLS/STEM choir performed

Leer T-Shirts will again be available for purchase soon! Proceeds support the Student Council.

PTSO needs new Treasurer, Teacher Reprentative and FundRaising Chair. Please forward nominations to Carly Kidd at

Happy Hour/Silent Auction as a success. Approximately 100 people attended and the event grossed $5100

    • Would like to find ways to engage Latino families in this event

    • Would like to engage grades other than 2nd and 5th, which were very well represented

Read A Thon had 80% participation this year, the highest ever. Students read 342,000 minutes and the event made a profit of $4600

Book Fair: Sales credits and ReadAThon profits combined to allow the purchase of approximately $7000 in Spanish books for the school. The bulk of this was used to order books for the library. In addition, each classroom teacher got too choose $100 in books for classroom use.

Treasurer Report: $25,000 currently in the playground account and $11,000 in the operating account after paying ReadAThon and Auction expenses.

Food Drive - sufficient food was donated by RDLS families to create 40 bags of food for RDLS families in need to bring home for Spring Break.

Voted to spend $1000 of operating fund money on the purchase of 1000 of Nicole Ponce’s books. She is leaving for a new position in Japan at the end of this school year and offered to sell us her personal collection of Spanish and English books at a variety of reading levels for $1 a book.

End of year Picnic will be held on June 1st. A volunteer is needed to organize the set-up and clean-up of this event. Veteran’s Park is already reserved for the event. Please contact Becca Patenaude if you are interested:

Event is being planned for May 6th at RDLS. This event will celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mike DeRoma presented plan for a Lawn Bag Fundraiser. Bags could be purchased for $1.87/5 bag bundle and sold for $5/bundle.

Sra. Marta is continuing to interview Amity candidates. She has secured two so far. She noted this year’s candidates have been younger and less experienced than previous years, so it is taking longer to find acceptable candidates.