PTSO Meeting Minutes - Nov. 17, 2015

Post date: Nov 18, 2015 8:02:26 PM

PTSO Meeting November 17, 2015

1. President Notes (Carly Kidd)

a. Lawn Bags fundraiser Idea (Mike DiRoma): It was proposed that we sell paper lawn bags preprinted with a Spartan logo and “ I support Richfield Schools.” We would sell bundles of 5 bags for $5 each, earning a 60% profit. Supt. Unowsky has offered space to store the bags. For our first order we would have to pay on delivery for 7200 units. Concern was expressed about paying out a significant amount of money without being sure when we could earn it back. In particular, we want to make sure we don’t delay the playground. Mike is speaking with PTSOs of STEM and Sheridan Hills to see if they might join us and share the initial expense with us.

b. Playground update: Carly met with the Buildings & Grounds person and new Finance person at the district and they are supportive of our goal to build the playground in summer 2017. We plan to apply for a grant next fall through the Hennepin County Youth Sports Commission, which would hopefully cover ½ the cost of the play ground. This means we need to fundraise about $45,000. To date we have raised approximately $25,000.

c. Wesite change – We plan to try a new website for one year which will cost $10-$12/month. We want to find a platform that will allow us to easily provide our content in both English and Spanish. Jeremy Kidd is researching options.

d. Sra. Dunne’s husband has agreed to build little free libraries for the garden. We are waiting for an estimate of his supply costs.

e. Amities will be hosting a babysitting night at school on December 11th. More info. to come

f. Vendor/Boutique/Moms Night: STEM does an event like this combined with a silent auction and raises about $4000-$5000. Home businesses like Avon,Norwex, Tupperware, etc. set up booths and sell their goods. Businesses pay a $25 table fee and also donate a portion of their profits to the school. It was pointed out this might challenge the Parents Happy Hour which is just getting started. If someone is interested in planning an event like this, please contact Carly Kidd.

g. Facebook posts in Spanish. Whenever possible, please try to post everything on the school facebook site in both English and Spanish. Often our kids can help with translations.

h. Money approved to get popcorn machine cleaned - $125. It should be ready for 1/29 family night.

2. Treasurer Report (James Versteeg) – Healthy balance of about $33,000. We still need to pay Chip Shoppe so a significant chunk will come out for that.

3. Fundraising Coordinator (Betsy Lindow)

a. Movie Night – Raised just under $800. There were a number of complaints about noise and running around during the movie. Discussed need for parents to manage their own children. Proposed making an announcement at the beginning of the event and on flyers promoting the event reminding families they are responsible for managing their own children. Also proposed to plan an active activity right before the movie so kids are ready to settle down.

b. Give to the Max Day – raised $1380

c. DJ Dance Party will be on January 29th

d. Parents Happy Hour will be on March 19th

4. Volunteer Coordinator (Becca Patenaude)

a. Chip Shoppe Delivery will be on Dec. 2. Pick up will be from 3-6 p.m.

5. New business – Mike asked to increase the price of Spirit Wear sweatshirts as they are expensive for us to order. New price will be approx.. $45