PTSO Meeting May 19, 2015

Post date: May 20, 2015 3:20:04 AM

PTSO Meeting May 19, 2015

    1. Performance by Kinder - Sra. Luebbe

    2. Secretary Report- Carly Kidd

      1. Kinder field trip tshirts ordered

      2. End of Year Family Picnic- June 3rd- Vets Park 5:30-7:30

      3. Playground project moving along

    3. Treasurer Report- James

      1. handout- bar graph showing income of each event and where the money was spent

    4. Fundraiser Report- events and dates set for next year

    5. Volunteer Coordinator Report- No report

    6. Old Business-

    7. New Business-

      1. Karen Sherman- opportunity for employment- have several openings in Richfield schools for work in the kitchen- also we’ve received a large grants for fresh fruits and vegetables- each student will receive either a fresh fruit or vegetable for a snack in the morning or afternoon

      2. Purchase request for 2 coolers for use for events- motioned, seconded and passed

      3. Amities have a request- they are looking for support in trying to stay here to work/remain employed/work with RDLS- much discussion about what the PTSO could even do- this issue is really an administration and staffing issue with the school and district- also this is a VISA issue-maybe we can offer letters from parents/staff/PTSO- Eve has offered to write a letter from parents and it will be left in the office for parents to sign it as well as be available at the family picnic

    8. Multicultural Festival Recap

      1. Sold $250 raffle tickets- this paid for the bikes

      2. attendance around 250-300 people

      3. inflatables were a big hit (thanks to Chip Shoppe)

      4. will keep and store decorations

      5. future of event unsure- would need a new coordinator- considering Cinco de Mayo event instead

      6. Eve wants to get small thank you gifts for office staff and Amities (7 people at $25 a piece) motion made, seconded and passed

      7. Income $2963, Expenses $2400- Profit about $500

    1. Little Free Library presentation by Tania H.- decorated by Lolly Haas (art teacher)

    2. New candidates for next school year

      1. English speaking co-president- Carly Kidd

      2. Secretary- Amy Cook

      3. Spanish Speaking co-President- Veronica

      4. motion made, seconded and passed to install new candidates

    3. About 30 adults in attendance- 3 student council members in attendance (Bridget Foley Andrew Lybeck, Georgia, Salaam)

    4. Amity Update- Phyllis Kern-

      1. Our current Amites will be headed home in the next month- always looking for host families or families willing to take them out-

      2. We have 4 Amities coming next school year and 8 host families- 3 are from Spain 1 is from Colombia-

      3. Motion made to send each Amity with a yearbook this year and for future years- Seconded and passed

    5. Adjourned at 7:26pm