PTSO Meeting Jan. 2015

Post date: Feb 11, 2015 9:14:26 PM

PTSO Meeting Jan. 2015

    1. Sarah Hutton­ Immersion Teacher at Richfield Middle School­

        1. Create and maintain relationship between RDLS & RMS­ She is program

          1. coordinator

        2. Sopke about this time last year about how well the 6th grade students did last

          1. year at their first year at RMS. And this year the second group of 6th graders have continued with the same high level of performance as well as the now 7th graders.

        3. Here to answer questions, take suggestions from parents

        4. RDLS students are “overrepresented” on the A/AB Honor Roll, both last year

          1. and this year.

        5.­ Email any time with questions

    2. Sra. Luebbe with 2nd grade performers

    3. Playground update­ adaptability swing motioned­ seconded and passed

    4. Shelves for basement­ Motioned, seconded and passed

    5. Fundraising­

        1. Family Fun Night this Friday, Jan. 24th 6­8pm

        2. Read­a­thon Feb. 9­22, local author coming in on Feb. 9th and 10th to meet

          1. with students

        3. Parent Night Out­ March 21st at American Legion­silent auction­ taco bar­ very

          1. limited child care

        4. School supplies­ Danielle Barr­

        5. Color Run­

        6. QCumbers on Feb. 3rd

    6. Volunteer Coordinator

        1. FFN this Friday Jan. 24th

        2. 2015/2016 Board

            1. President

            2. Secretary

            3. Fundraising Chair

            4. Teacher Rep.

    7. Multicultural Festival

a. team in place except a Richfield business connection­ Sunday, Jan. 26th 2pm Caribou (Cedar and 66th)

    1. Old Business

    2. New Business

a. Marta requested permission for a 5th Amity­ disucssion tabled