PTSO Meeting Feb. 17, 2015

Post date: Feb 18, 2015 9:11:47 PM

12 adults in attendance, 1 student council member (Amelia Kidd)

    1. Secretary Report-

      1. playground adaptive swing

-got 3 quotes ($680 www.aaastateofplay), $800 Flagship, $800 Northland Rec

-May look into grants

-Consensus is that the online company could be a problem for installation or repairs (if needed), group would rather pay a bit more for a local company to install and have available if needed

b. STEM has asked if we would be interested in joining them in a safety night presentation by the Wetterling Foundation, Total cost is $350 (to be shared by those PTOs participating. Tabled for now to ask for more info details about safety night



open up to community wide/advertise in Sun Current

2. Treasurer report

Kids Dance made about $300

Paid $3800 to Amities

Got check from QCumbers for just shy of $100

Book Fair is coming up- Lucinda will send more info soon

3. Fundraising Chair- Betsy

March 21st PNO/Happy Hour

Working on another restaurant night

Maybe another movie night

Consignment sale April 16-18th (Margarita)

4. Volunteer Coordinator-

Book Fair

Conference Meals

5. Old Business

Parent asked about lights being fixed at front and back doors- Marta replied that work will be done but shortage of staff at moment

6. New Business