PTSO Meeting Oct. 2014

Post date: Oct 22, 2014 2:31:44 AM

PTSO Meeting Oct. 21, 2014

    1. Call to order- only 5 attendees in addition to board members- no childcare offered- a few children in attendance but no problems with noise

    2. Secretary Report

      1. Spirit Wear- have limited sizes left-no plan for another order unless large demand

      2. Playground- met with 2 companies- waiting on designs

-Would love for the student council reps. to survey the students to ask what they want on the playground.

    1. Treasurer report-

      1. Book Fair- Total sales $5400- scholastic dollars of $4000

      2. Total checking balance $10, 900

    2. Fundraising Report

      1. Consignment- unsure yet of final total but guessing around $800-$1000

      2. Pizza Luce- no numbers yet

      3. Carnival- made just shy of $1000

      4. Book Fair- very successful- see above for numbers

      5. Chip Shoppe

        1. Limo rides scheduled for Dec. 3rd 11am-1pm

        2. Julie will prepare a ½ sheet flyer for pick up reminder

        3. Will need a team of people to tally orders and count money prior to order submissions

    3. Volunteer Coordinator

      1. Room parents positions are all filled

      2. Amities and parents provided food

      3. Chip Shoppe- will need volunteers for tallying orders and for pick up night

      4. Looking for a PR person

      5. Will need a directory person for next year- Julie Foley passing it off

    4. Multicultural Fair-

      1. Eve desperately needs a co-chair for this event

    5. Need donations of winter clothes, especially snow boots

    6. New Business

      1. New email and phone for PTSO


        2. 612-361-6449

      2. All PTO meeting with all 4 elementary schools on Dec. 1st 5:30-7 board only and 7pm on for everyone- Location to be announced yet

    7. Facility Request Process- we are setting up the PTSO to be able to apply for our own facility usage. Process takes at least 48 hours.