PTSO Meeting Nov. 2014

Post date: Dec 2, 2014 10:18:50 PM

PTSO Meeting minutes – 11.18.14, called to order at 6:10 by Mike DeRoma

Student council reps introduced. 4th grade Classroom reps: Amelia Kidd, Antonia

Bridget, Sophia (president and secretary)

Secretary Report:

Spirit wear as Christmas gifts? Place order ASAP by Dec. 1st

Playground update: complete estimate and half estimate, waiting for complete estimates to be able to compare. Is there enough space to do phases? No.

Stem’s most recent addition was $250K. Actual equipment @ STEM was $50K. planning to raise about 25% of our total.

Carly met with the lead physical therapist for district and got good ideas for making our new playground more accessible.

broken parts on existing playground will be fixed by warranty


pizza luce $432

consignment $1070

Amity event $150/amity fundraised

Chip Shoppe $16,656 in bank, online orders about $5,000

current account total about $27,000

will now be able to use paypal for transactions at events and spirit wear.

Micheal Swarchtz (sp?) has a designated account for playground already established.


coming up in February QCumbers fundraising event

Chevy’s event in the works, offering 25% of all sales

January Family fun night will be planned by Jenny Winter – DJ dance party, selling Andale instead of pizza

Megan Ritchie heading up the read-a-thon, with local author coming in to read to school as part of the event – theme being “Heros”

2 weeks of Read-a-Thon this time. In the past only 38% of kids turned in reading logs, about 10% of kids doing fundraising. earns about $3,000. Lets get more kids raising

money. build excitement with author coming. Need approval to spend $500 on author coming to school, and a few copies of the book. also looking for parents to come in and

read books in classes. trying to connect more with teachers to make it part of curriculum. possibly swap out reading logs to make them more noticeable. motion to spend $600

for read-a-thon by Ken Friel, 2nd by motion carried.

dates: feb 2-13, 2015

use in addition???

Parents Night out in Februrary at Legion, Nov. 24th planning meeting for fundraising committee. Silent auction, childcare by amities in

basement (?), looking into food options.

Chip Shoppe, 25 kids earned limo ride. Highest tier achieved by 59 items, followed by

58, 57, and 56 items.

Julie Hanks is 5th grade parent, so looking for new person to oversee chip shoppe.

Looking for a team of younger and older parent.

Starting to use a text reminder App “Text Remind” to remind parents of PTSO events,


Trying to go bigger with Consigment Sale in the Spring. Send home reminders to keep

stuff for spring.

Volunteer coordinator:

Looking for volunteers for committee postions (garden, MCF, chip shoppe next year)

Few volunteers needed for chip shoppe on Dec. 3rd.

Amity Parents nite out on Dec. 5th

Student Council:

Amelia Kidd talking about food drive running this week, celebrating with music and

décor on Tuesday. Donations going to VEAP food drive.

Bridget and Sophia asked for $30 to help thank the school for donating the food. Would

like to decorate with balloons and thank you signs on each table.

Julie Hanks made a motion, 2nd by Phyllis Kern for $30 for decorations for celebration.

New business-

Discussion about how to get more Latino parents involved:

Latino Parents Association (district 280) just started in September. Meets ever 2nd Friday

of the month

Language is one barrier. Possibly send a representative to LPA meeting to invite more

parents and parent involvement.

Voces Unidades (Voices United) could be a great place to ask for volunteers and make


Veronica Velazquez explained the details of Voces Unidas and how to connect more

with the Latino families

We need more host families for next school year for Amities. Middle school is looking to

add the Amity program. Great things said about Amities and host family experience.

Meeting adjourned at 7:22pm