PTSO Meeting August 26, 2014

Post date: Aug 27, 2014 2:49:52 AM

1. Introduce board members: Betsy Lindow: Fundraising Chair, Margarita Pacheco-Aguilar: Spanish speaking co-President, Teacher rep: Tania Hultigren, James VerSteeg: Treasurer, Carly Kidd: secretary, Becca Patenaude: Volunteer coordinator, Mike DeRoma: English speaking co-president (not in attendance)

2. Sec. Report-

1- Spirit Wear- New shirts are in- selling at open houses- old designs will be Buy 1 Get 1 free

2- Used uniforms- selling at open houses as well

3- New playground- This will be the new focus for the PTSO in fundraising for the coming years. Carly is currently collecting some initial info and meeting with district staff to see what kinds of solutions are possible for us. If we move forward with a new playground, a committee will be formed with a board member that will lead this effort.

3. MCF recap and update- Eve Topologlu- May 16, 2015

sold over 500 raffle tickets- comprised over ½ of our income this year

brought in almost $1200

Sat. Sept. 27th 1st planning meeting will be at Carribou (Cedar and 66th St.) 9-10:30am

Need a co-chair for this year so they can carry it forward into further years as this will be Eve’s final year chairing this event.

4. Treasurer report

Current Balance- $15,000

Last year about $18,000 in income and expenses

5. Fundraising Chair- Betsy

Back to school carnival- Sept. 19th

- we will be renting all games this year

-need volunteers

Back to School 5K- Sept. 21

Pizza Luce- hoping for October 6th (still waiting to confirm with management there)

Big Box Top push

working on 501c3 filing to attain non profit status

January family fun night

Looking to do a parent night out

Chip Shoppe- Sept/Oct.

Give to the Max- November 15th

Read a thon- Megan Ritchie

Book Fairs- Lucinda and James VerSteeg

6. Consignment Sale- Margarita Pacheco

- will collect donations the week of September 12th

-Sale is Sept. 25-27th

-contact Margarita Pacheco for helping to sort items

7. Volunteer Coordinator- Becca

will be signups at the open houses and online for volunteering

8. Room Parents- Hope Wilson

-currently recruiting English and Spanish speaking

-need parents who can help teachers communicate with the families in their classrooms

9. Amities- Phyllis

4 Amities arrived Sunday night

Will be looking for families to invite the Amities along with them on family outings (apple orchard, State Fair, sporting events, etc)

10. Old Business-

11. New Business-

Tina Woods- Garden- We need a way to get more people involved- Garden is currently being overseen by 2 families with 5th graders, so we need new families to take over the oversight/planning of it.