PTSO Monthly Meeting 1/22/2013

Post date: Jan 23, 2013 3:06:04 AM

Family Fun Night recap

· The movie and pizza night on Friday 1/28/2013 earned over $800

· The proceeds are yet to be determined for this event – Spanish language books for the library or in the Amity Scholar fund.

· Look for another fun evening scheduled in February.

Amity Hosts

· Claire – from Mexico

· Christina – from Spain

· We will need to start thinking about school year 2013-2014 with impending budget cuts – the Amities are licensed teachers and greatly assist the staff with day to day class room operations.

· Amities assist students with Math and Reading as well as model and help students with behavioral issues. They assist the teacher with co-teaching as well as helping to connect culturally with the students.

· Amity scholars depend on extra jobs to help pay their expenses as well as a small stipend from the school ($100/month). Looking to increase this amount.

· Looking for host families to take students for the next school year. Please see flyer for more information.


What is bullying? It is a form of violence that includes unwanted, aggressive behavior; an imbalance of power shown by one student over another and is behavior that is repeated time over time.

RDLS is implementing a Bullying Policy that will stop bullying on the spot; investigate the situation; support students involved; teach corrective pro-social behaviors and create consequences for repeat offenders

· Level 1 - Teasing, lying, name calling; social or relational bullying (spreading rumors, embarrassing someone in public); written statements or graphics.

· Level 2 - Physical bullying between students (hitting/kicking/pinching/spitting /tripping/ pushing), verbal abuse; purposeful exclusion (leaving someone out on purpose).

· Level 3 - TBA

· Solutions – because bullying is a long-term, repetitive problem, it will take time and support to practice and master the skills for intervening in bullying behavior. It is primarily a relationship problem and the staff will work with students to help pinpoint bullying and work on strategies to empower the students to come up with pro-social behavior models.

Bully Free School – the four S.T.O.P. steps

1. Stop – Tell the abuser to stop

2. Tell an adult

3. Out – Leave the area of the bullying

4. Protect yourself and others from being bullied


· Headed up by Stacey Gibbs, Julie Foley and Betsy Lindow

· The entire month of February will be devoted to the Read-A-Thon. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and the proceeds will be used to fund our Amity Scholars.

· Room Parents/Room Coordinators will track minutes and monies. Volunteers are needed.

· Look for more information coming home soon!

Multicultural Fair

· The date has been set for April 20th and it is quickly approaching

· Coordinators and volunteers are needed

· Please contact Steve Schneeberger for more information

Book Fair

· Headed up by Teresa Kemmer

· Looking for volunteers to help with the Book Fair that will coincide with Parent Teacher Conferences on Feb 13th and 14th. Times available on Wednesday 2/13 from 2pm – 8pm and on Thursday from 8am – 8pm.

· Please contact Teresa Kemmer to slot a time – or call 612 220-6433 or see the RDLS Facebook page for more info.

Room Parent Update

· Tabled until next meeting

Amity Fund – RPS Foundation

· Tabled until next meeting