PTSO Meeting September 17, 2013

Post date: Sep 18, 2013 2:39:24 PM

RDLS PTSO Meeting 9/17/13

Secretary report- Will be posting meeting minutes at

Treasurer- At open house made over $300 on used uniforms and over $1000 on Spirit Wear

Volunteer Coordinator- At conferences coming up, there will be book fair and taste testing for Chip Shoppe, Will use Sign Up Genius for PT conferences, book fair sign up and food for teachers, There is a new phone App for Sign Up Genius

Fund Raiser Report- Had 200 register for 5K and Kids fun run, don’t have dollar numbers yet, will have next month, Pizza Luce fundraiser Monday Oct. 7th from 11am-8pm Chip Shoppe- coming in October

Postponed lawn bags fundraiser- company wanted cash on delivery which we don’t have.

Amity Report- Phyllis Kern- Introduce each Amity- Still looking for host family for Irene (no dogs)

Open House- Successful for PTSO- sold almost all Spirit Wear and got tons of volunteers for events- We have new lawn signs for sale $10

Requests for Funds-

-Spirit Wear to purchase more shirts and to give a standing order to purchase Spirit Wear shirts as needed, motioned, seconded, passed

-Sweatshirts for Amities- need $88, motioned, seconded, passed

-Movie License- $100 per night

1 year is $375 2 years $675 3 years $900 4 years $1,050 5 years $1,125

Alternative presented- go away from movie nights, do a game night, do a craft night, will save us money- no other schools in the district pays a movie license, the problem is we do not have enough volunteers/man power or people willing to coordinate these family fun nights, another proposal to just purchase one night at a time, Marta would check with district lawyers, we will discuss further and vote in October

Family Fun Night- November 15th- would like to earmark for music department- motioned, seconded and passed

Quickbooks- $250 to purchase new version and $25 to transfer next year- motioned, seconded, passed

Directory- Julie Foley- working on completing it- need funds to print it

Old Business- already discussed

New Business- Jen Behnke- need for books at school- volunteering to survey all teachers- everyone is passionate about our desperate need for books- Marta has an open post for literacy coach job-