PTSO Meeting October 22, 2013

Post date: Oct 28, 2013 2:56:59 AM

RDLS PTSO meeting - October 22, 2013

Call to order - Mike De Roma

Treasurer's report - Teresa is out of town so will report at the next meeting. She has Quickbooks figured out so the finances are accessible now.

Fund Raiser's Report - Betsy Lindow

Received check from the Pizza Luce fundraiser, for a total of $910

Book Fair - the school will receive $2,000 worth of Scholastic books, plus $400 from Usborne Book sales

The Chip Shoppe fundraiser starts Tuesday, October 23 - there will be an assembly for whole school, and the kids will bring home information / fliers

Multicultural festival - Eve Peterson Topologlu

Eve will be heading the Multicultural Festival team

Their 1st meeting was held already, and the team is committed to bringing cultural awareness to school all year long, not just in May. Want a culture corner newsletter; family members can share about their own culture. This would preferably be cultures we don't already talk about a lot. Need writers for this newsletter: want people from all different countries. At RDLS we have several countries represented: Iran, Columbia, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey - Newsletter column could talk about a celebration, a game, food, etc. Could have Scandinavian / European as well.

Upcoming meetings for festival planning, held in Sra Marta's office

Thursday November 7th, 1-2 pm

Wednesday December 4th, 1-2 pm

Saturday, May 17th is the date for the festival

Tech Referendum - Than Lindley & Lisa Hintermeister

CQC (Citizens for a Quality Community) referendum campaign - vote on November 5th

10 years ago, a technology levy allowed the district to buy computers and other technology; that levy is now expiring and technology needs have grown. Some classrooms at RDLS do not have any computers; most rooms in the district have 1-2 or more. Superintendent says there are no computers and no money to buy any for RDLS.

There will be 2 questions on the ballot. The first must pass in order for the 2nd to pass

1) renew existing referendum for 10 years

2) increase revenue and raise taxes slightly.

If they both pass, it will mean an average monthly tax increase of $3.67, which equates to an additional $900,000 per year for the district. New money would be used for increasing wireless access; personalized learning access; staff training; and network infrastructure.

This is not a big election year so we need to encourage people to go out and vote for this. Two years ago it didn't pass because not enough people turned out to vote.

RDLS is well represented on the referendum committee

Ways to help:

1) Donate money to the CQC for yard signs, ads in Sun Current, and lit drop

2) Put a sign in your yard ($5 for yard sign; blackboard signs are free)

3) Help out on the phone bank - to remind people to vote, and vote yes. You would get a script to read during the calls

4) Lit drop - city wide, November 2. Need 80 volunteers to cover 13,000 households. Saturday morning, November 2nd, pick up fliers at the High School, and spend an hour dropping the lit on either Saturday or Sunday. Fliers can be hand delivered to you by Lisa, if you can't get to the HS on Saturday. Literature will be translated; no door knocking, just putting the flyer in the door.

Other Richfield school PTO meetings have gotten this information as well.

Residents have been 'rated' and those who typically vote will be called, and will receive direct mailing as well.

Would like apartment dwellers to get the information too - if you can access the mail area of an apartment building you could put fliers there.

SPAC meeting - Julie Foley

Superintendent Parent Advisory Council meetings, one Thursday per month. It would be good to have RDLS representation at this small meeting with Dr. Slotterback and district parents.

Amity report - Mike De Roma

Amities received their sweatshirts; we're trying to get an article in the Patch written about them.

Movie night - Mike De Roma

We will get a one-time license for each movie night

Motion for $100 for license - moved by Eve; seconded by Phyllis; motion carried

November 15th - The Croods

Upcoming events - Andale fundraiser

School t-shirts - contact Maria; she has access to the shirts. $12 for adults; $5 for staff

$ from Target - what happens to that money? It goes into the general school budget.

School gets 1% of your Target purchase with RedCard or credit card.

Attach your Target card to the school.