PTSO Meeting Dec. 17, 2013

Post date: Dec 18, 2013 3:10:24 AM

PTSO Meeting Dec. 17, 2013

17 adults in attendance- 1 student council rep

Phyllis Kern:

Need 1 more family for hosting next year

Current Amity for 4th grade, Lorreto, is leaving Jan. 12th- she is very homesick


$1200 worth of books at Scholastic Warehouse sale-process of being labeled

Chip Shoppe- made $9700, reward limo ride is tomorrow (25 students will be going)- would need someone to coordinate it next year as Teresa Kemmer will not be here next year

Volunteer coordinator-

Need volunteers for Feb. Book Fair as well as someone to take it over for future years

Fundraiser report-

Book Campaign- some letters sent to local businesses, people can donate through the school district in order to give a tax deductible donation

Request for funds:

Sra. Marta- $120 for Amities

$600 discretionary fund set aside for Sra. Marta- motion made, 2nd and passed

MCFestival- Eve- Food trucks outside- Culture Corner (written piece in PTSO newsletter)- Next planning meeting is Jan. 30th 1-2pm, Feb. 27th 1-2pm

The purpose/mission of the Multicultural Festival is: Celebrating the heritage of RDLS students, friends and families. Educating our community & ourselves about diverse cultures from around the world.

Julie Foley- Need someone to take over newsletter for next year

Food Drive- 967lbs. collected for VEAP donation

Friday Latin American Festival was changed to 9:30-10:30 because of bussing

Aleteos- went out today