PTSO Meeting Aug. 20, 2013

Post date: Sep 3, 2013 3:24:01 AM

1. Brief introductions of President, Prinicipal and board

2. Fundraising Report

5K Back to school run and fun run- Sept. 15th- push for registrations

Pizza Luce Fundraiser- Oct. 7th

Fall fundraisers- lawn and leaf bags- lots of questions about where to store them, how to distribute them, and costs, people seem to like the idea- concerned about storage and distribution- Motion made, seconded and passed

3. Full school year calendar will be available at open house - all major events (graduations, concerts, PTSO meetings, etc.) will be on calendar

4. Class lists will be posted on Monday, August 26 at 2pm, at front entrance.

5. Volunteer Coordinator- Hope Wilson-

Need volunteers for open house- Spirit Wear, PTSO table, used uniform table, uniform table (French Toast/Lands End), Volunteer Sign up table

Will be looking for one person to “chair” each event and fundraiser event (ie. one person to “be in charge” of the Lawn bag fundraiser

6. Spirit Wear- ordered 66 shirts in a new design- shirts will be available at open house, ordered 66 shirts, about $500- motion made, seconded and passed

7. Lawn signs- new design- 100 ordered- sell at $8 a piece, motioned, seconded and passed

8. PTSO Meeting times- survey monkey, sign up sheet at open house- Do we want to continue to offer childcare?

9. Responsive Classroom Training - a coach would come to the building to do follow up training for these teachers- Srta. Marta asking for $4000 for this follow up training. Motion made, seconded and passed

10. Movie license for Family Nights- Cost is based on student enrollment- cost is $100 for a one time- or about $300 for a full year- covers all appropriate movies that relate to the learning- covers the entire building for any reason. Recommendation will be brought to group in September meeting

11. Student Council Members- Mindy Hendrickson- GT Teacher and Student council coordinator- PTSO board has asked that representatives from student council be present as PTSO meetings.

12. Amity- Phylis Kern- Have 4 Amity scholars coming- There was an idea to have some additional funds available for the Amities to be able to buy school lunches. Host families are required to provide a bedroom and food.

New Business

13. Parent brought a concern about food waste in the cafeteria.

14. There will be 2 levies this fall for technology (infrastructure/wireless) levies- One to renew the current levy and another to add more money for an additional levy.