PTSO Meeting 3/19/2013

Post date: Mar 20, 2013 2:35:48 AM

1. Call to Order – Veronica and Steve

2. Read-A-Thon Recap – Betsey Lindow

a. Lots of last minute entries received – still tallying results

b. Participation is at or close to 41% which is slightly better than previous years

c. All-School reading goal of 250,000 minutes goal earns the students an out of uniform day

d. One party per grade for highest minutes read

e. $3400 raised which is less than recent years but is good amount to help fund our Amity Scholar Program

3. Family Movie Night Recap – Steve Schneeberger

a. Wreck It Ralph new release

b. Best turn out ever – good combination of movie and food formula for success

c. Netted over $1000 after expenses

d. Large community building event – large Latino Family turnout

e. Will need some extra parents for next event to patrol the halls and stop disruptive behavior

4. Book Fair Recap - Teresa Kemmer

a. Parents/shoppers voiced concern over lack of sale space for Spring Sale – GT room was not ideal, very cramped and not conducive to shopping.

b. Fundraising event netted more money for school than past year spring 2012

c. $2700 in Scholastic Dollars earned

d. Proceeds will be split between Media Center and classrooms with larger portion going to Media Center

e. Teresa looking for an individual to take over the reins for this event/fundraiser. She will help to train in replacement during the fall event. Contact for more details.

5. Multi Cultural Festival – Steve, Veronica, Joy, Hope and Marta

a. Performances will be comprised mostly by classrooms routines as well as professional dance groups ranging from Sudanese, Aztec and Asian Groups.

b. Extended passport program to 12 Stations which includes classroom activities and crafts for added fun. This will replace the games from previous years.

c. Also looking at Henna Tattoo, Arabic Name translation and other cultural activities.

d. Food stations: Andale, Fat Lorenzo’s and an America Meal hosted by the school.

e. Asking parents to donate 12 oz cans of soda and water for beverage selection to help defray costs. Looking for donations of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta Orange.

f. There will be an admission for adults, performing students are free.

g. All proceeds go to funding our Amity Program

h. Event has been scaled back to have a return to the original intent of a celebration of cultures. Hopefully, everyone can relax and enjoy the event without the added stress of the “carnival” aspect.

i. Planning Meeting is every Friday at Noon in Marta’s office – come join the fun!

6. Mother’s Day - Veronica

a. Friday May 10th is the final Family Fun Night – event will be based on Mother’s Day celebration. Mother’s Day is a big deal in the Latin Culture.

b. Dance party for Moms and children to have fun and spend a special night out together.

c. Working with Bachmann’s to do a pre-order flower fundraiser to give as gifts for Mother’s Day

d. Card Station for kids to create cards

e. Looking for other spa-like activities such as nail painting and massages.

f. Looking to have a food truck set up out back parking lot

g. If you have any spa/beauty connections or anything you think would add to the event, please contact Veronica Bach-Dowd

7. Chipotle/Culver’s Fundraiser – Group At Large

a. Do we want to do a fundraiser?

b. Chipotle will give 25% but management can be a bit challenging

c. Culver’s loves us – Don is looking for us to do an event. Email Steve Schneeberger your thoughts at

8. Amity Program – Phyllis Gerth Kern

a. Phyllis is our NEW Amity Coordinator

b. Amity Scholars are an important part of our program

c. Currently we only have one host family for the upcoming school year. It is a great experience for your family.

d. The requirements: private bedroom with a door – no sharing of rooms with your children; Host family provides meals – food to pack lunches, etc. and sharing of your basic family activities – living a crazy family life like all people do! The Amities can ride the school bus with your child. Don’t think that you have to have super fancy amenities to be a host family. Contact Phyllis for more info. See the thread on the Facebook RDLS page.

9. PTSO Positions Open for new leadership – 2 year commitment

a. English Speaking President – contact for more info

b. Treasurer – contact for more info

c. Secretary – contact for more info

10. Adjourn – Next meeting is Tuesday April 16th at 6pm. See you then!