PTSO meeting – April 16, 2013

Post date: May 6, 2013 8:00:49 PM


· Steve Schneeberger

· Veronica Bach-Dowd

Penn Fest 5K – Betsy Lindow:

· The PTSO can join the other three elementary schools in sponsoring the 5K run at Penn Fest in September. This would cost $200 to join, plus we'll need volunteers to help out. The PTSO will receive a portion of the funds raised by runners. It was decided that Betsy should go ahead and sign up RDLS to participate.

Multicultural Festival update – Steve Schneeberger:

· The festival is this coming Saturday, April 20, from 10:30-2:00.

· Kids get in free; adults will pay $2 each.

· There will be three great food choices: 1) 3 different meals plus Mexican corn on the cob by Andale; 2) pizza from Fat Lorenzo's and 3) hot dogs and chips. Each meal will cost $5.

· We still need donations of water and soda.

· Several classes will be giving presentations or performing. Kids will have passports, and if they get a stamp from every station (offering cultural crafts and information) they will receive a prize (ice cream cone).

· We still need volunteers as well - follow the signup genius link on the PTSO Facebook page.

· Eve Topaloglu has volunteered to head up the Multicultural Festival next year, and she brings extensive event planning experience.

Amity Scholars - Marta Shahsavand:

· Marta has interviewed several potential Amity Scholars, and extended an invitation to one, but she declined. Marta will continue looking for a scholar for next year.

· According to Amities from other districts around here, we are not paying a competitive stipend to our scholars. Other districts pay $1800-$2000 per year; we have been paying $1500. The school pays the $1500 filing fee and the PTSO pays the stipend. It was decided that the PTSO will pay stipends of $1800 to next year's scholar(s).

· Marta has requested Amity Scholars from Central or South America but there are fewer applicants and it is more difficult for them to get a Visa to come here, so we will likely continue to see more scholars from Spain.

· Phyllis Kern is still looking for host families for next year. Families should be English-speaking (as the scholars want to practice their English) but they do NOT need to be RDLS famlies (i.e., they could be grandparents of students, or even community members).

4th of July Float – Colleen Nollenberger:

· If we want to reserve a decorated float for the 4th of July parade we should do so soon. The cost is around $350. The float serves as publicity for our school.

· Discussion revolved around whether the cost of the float is worth the benefit. Some think we should use that money for classroom supplies, and ride bikes/scooters or walk in the parade rather than rent the float (this option would cost around $30). Others think that we should continue publicizing the value of the school, and that the parade route is too long and hot for younger kids to bike or walk. A majority of the group voted in favor of renting the float.

· Colleen will take care of renting the float. We will need someone with a truck and hitch to volunteer to pull the float in the parade.

Officer openings – Steve Schneeberger

· Three positions will be open next year: Co-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

· Carly Kidd has put forth her name for Secretary, and Teresa Kemmer will volunteer to be Treasurer for one year, if another candidate is not found.

· Anyone interested in these positions should contact Steve Schneeberger asap. Voting will take place at th next meeting.

End of the year picnic – Steve Schneeberger

· The picnic will be a potluck in Veterans Park during the last week of school. Lisa Hintermeister will try to reserve the shelter either Wednesday, June 5th or Monday, June 3rd.

501c3 filing – Betsy Lindow

· Betsy has looked into applying for 501c3 status for the PTSO. This would make the organization tax-exempt and would allow us to apply for grants, in addition to allowing supporters to deduct their donations to the PTSO.

· Filing cost is $450 (or $800) for federal and $70 for state; renewal is free.

· The motion to allow up to $900 to apply for this status was passed.

Mother's Day – Veronica Bach-Dowd

· Friday, May 10th is Mother's Day in Mexico

· Veronica is planning for a dj / dance in lieu of a normal Family Fun Night.

· There will be flowers available (single flowers or small arrangements) for sale as gifts to mothers.

· Veronica and Steve will have a planning meeting very soon.

Yum Power – Marta Shahsavand

· HealthPartners has a program where kids can track the servings of fruits and vegetables they eat. The school may earn up to $500 from HealthPartners, depending on the number of students participating and how many fruit / veggie servings they report. Not all classes are participating.

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 21st at 6:00 pm.