RDLS PTSO Meeting Notes 01/17/2012

Post date: Jan 22, 2012 1:18:14 AM

RDLS PTSO Meeting 01/17/2012

Officer Reports – Treasurer Report available. Please contact Colleen Nollenberger for details.

· Read – A – Thon

o Coming up in February Julie Foley, Stacey Gibbs and Steve Schneeberger will be leading this effort. Have been brain storming to find new ideas to encourage participation

o Goal is to get as much participation as possible

o Top Readers will earn a pizza party [debating Dollars raised vs. Minutes read] per grade level

· Fundraising Committee – Betsy Lindow – Coordinator

o Breaking off into committees in order to coordinate all of the ideas for fundraising and drive to have a large fundraiser, grant writing, etc.

o Each fundraiser would have their own team of volunteers

o Will work with Marta to figure out the needs of the school

o If interested talk to Betsy Lindow

· Room Parent Update – Jeremy Kidd – Coordinator

o Has set up parameters to help build the community of our school

o Goal is to get parents involved in the school’s events and community beginning at the classroom level

o Each classroom would have one English Speaking and one Spanish Speaking parent who would communicate to the families in the classroom. It is another avenue to reach out to parents and build relationships and ties to school.

o Please contact Jeremy Kidd to assist

· Head Lice – Jen Behnke and Sra Marta

o Head Checks are being completed on Thursday and Friday by the LadyBug Ladies. Cost is $1 per student.

o Policy for sending infected students home for 24 hours was not approved by the District.

o RDLS PTSO will assist in paying to help defray costs. A unanimous motion was passed to have the PTSO cover the $422 cost of checking all of the students

o The school will also take donations

o The school would also like a washer and dryer – tabled for next meeting

· Pennies for Patients – Melissa Campana

o Tabled for next meeting

· Saving Dinner – Megan Ritchie

o Healthy Menu planning fundraiser – 50% of the sales goes back to school

o Because of the technology involved, trying to make it available to all families

o Goal would be to earn $2000 – and proceeds would go for Amity Scholars

o Look for flyer communication in upcoming Thursday folders

Next Meeting Feb 21st 2012