PTSO Meeting 9/11/2012

Post date: Sep 21, 2012 6:23:32 PM

PTSO Meeting 9/11/2012

Co-Presidents: Steve Schneeberger and Veronica Bach-Dowd

Introductions by Amity Scholars

· Cesar – Helping 5th Grade classes Ransom and Ponce. Is a teacher in Spain - Area of concentration Phy Ed and Math

· Jennifer – Helping kinder classes. Area of concentration Phy Ed – helping kids with disabilities. Going for Master’s program.

B. Room Parent Program – Jeremy Kidd

· Goal is to have one English and one Spanish speaking parent to help the teacher communicate information, recruit for volunteers for field trips, classroom activities, etc. Goal is to build the bridge between families and school.

· Need to respect propriety information – student privacy, student work, family contact information, data privacy, etc.

· There are still gaps where we do not have room parents. Please contact Jeremy Kidd for more information.

· Room Parents will be reaching out to all families to introduce program and reach out.

· School Outreach worker Shirley Bartlett is also a resource for Outreach Work.

C. Fall Fitness Event – Betsy Lindow

· Saturday October 13th, From 1-4pm

· Obstacle course for the kids – emphasis is on health

· Event is open to all families

· Developing as we go along, but will have course race, face painting, activities, snacks, etc.

D. Family Fun Nights

· First event will be “Noche de Loteria” or Mexican Bingo Oct 26th

· All of the words are in spaces as well as images of the words. Great way for families to learn Spanish words and experience a traditional Mexican game of Chance, similar to Bingo. Great Community building event.

E. Mike DeRoma - Fundraising Opportunity for RDLS

· Running a Food Truck at Sever’s Corn Maze in Shakopee

· Mike will donate money to the PTSO for parents who volunteer their time to help prepare and serve his fantastic food truck cuisine.

· Sign up at Sign up Genius or see link on RDLS Facebook page or site.

· Call Mike for more detail 612 963-2779 - Concessions

F. Amity Connection – Christine Walz

· Amities would like to get involved and connected with ALL families.

· Invite them to dinner or on your favorite bike ride, walk or outing. They just want to experience everyday American family activities.

· Contact Christine Walz – or contact Amities directly to invite them to your house.