PTSO meeting – November 13, 2012

Post date: Nov 16, 2012 1:33:48 PM


· Steve Schneeberger

· Veronica Bach-Dowd

Treasurer’s Report:

· Colleen Nollenberger handed out a treasurer’s report – there was no discussion.

Obstacle Course Recap – Betsy Lindow via Steve Schneeberger:

· Betsy Lindow organized a great event, held in the gym because of rain. There were pizza, tattoos, and a photo booth; players from the Minnesota Stars professional soccer team; and Zumba in one of the classrooms.

· It was a community event, intended to encourage fitness and activity, rather than focusing on fundraising.

· More than 250 people attended, including approximately 160 kids.

Book Fair Recap – Teresa Kemmer:

· Thanks to all who volunteered and shopped at the book fair.

· It was our biggest Book Fair yet – set up in the gym, there was more space, and it also included an Usborne Books booth.

· For spring, they are considering Red Balloon bookstore in St. Paul; Red Balloon has more Spanish titles.

· RDLS will get about $2,700 in books as a result of the fair.

Loteria – Veronica Bach-Dowd:

· Noche de Loteria was a great success, with more people attending than had been expected. Over 125 people attended.

· The PTSO raised close to $350.

· Prizes were donated by Amy Munsinger – thanks Amy!

Family Fun Night – Veronica Bach-Dowd:

· December’s event (Friday, December 7) will feature 4-5 jumping castles in the gym; similar to Pump-It-Up; will have pizza, hotdogs

· The owner of Andale (76th and Nicollet?) and Cinco de Mayo (66th & Elliot) will donate some food

· A parent is coordinating the event and will donate 60-70% of the proceeds from the evening.

· There may be a DJ / music in the cafeteria at the same time – want to ask the 5th graders (maybe student council officers?) for ideas on other events for the older students.

Referendum – Steve Schneeberger

· Thanks to Lisa Hintermeister, Sean Foley, and Megan Ritchie for their efforts in getting out information to city residents about the referendum.

Transition to RMS – Lisa Hintermeister

· Lisa, Marta met with Brian Zambreno (Middle School Principal), Emily Palmer (Assistant Principal), and Juan Figueroa about the transition. Juan will be an integral part of the program at RMS

· At the PTSO meeting on December 11, Brian, Emily, and Juan will attend to talk about the Middle School curriculum; there will be one session in English and another in Spanish.

· In addition, Brian will go to the 5th grade classrooms to talk to the students about the transition

· We want a committee of parents (English and Spanish) to meet with 5th grade families to talk about the transition; it is important to keep up enthusiasm for the program. Those who want to continue with the immersion program will need to make a commitment by spring break.

· Anyone interested in being on this committee should contact Lisa Hintermeister.

Opportunities for Students – Mindy Hendrickson

· Mindy is now the math coach for RDLS.

· She emphasized that math can be very vague, and it is important to reinforce math concepts at home. Some ideas for this are playing with dice, playing games such as Cribbage, and learning to tell time on analog clocks.

· Try to notice the math going on in your life at home – time, portions, restaurant bills

Food Truck Recap – Mike DeRoma

· Mike DeRoma gave a check to the PTSO for $70.00 for the time Matt and Phyllis worked at his Food Truck at Sever’s Corn Maze.

· He had a total of 125 hours available to work and only 8 hours (two 4 hour shifts) were worked.

· He will try to make this great money opportunity available again next year.

Special thanks to Julie Foley for attending the meeting and taking notes on such short notice!!