RDLS PTSO Meeting Notes 10/11/2011

Post date: Oct 12, 2011 2:41:00 AM

RDLS PTSO Meeting 10/11/2011

Treasurer’s Report – Colleen Nollenberger

· Proposed budget based on forecast of previous years (2009,2010,2011)

· Income of $8900; expenses $8900

· Increases in expenses due to Amity Scholar ($2K), additional teachers in the start of the year Discretionary Fund ($1800) and Garden Expenses ($750)

Superintendent Levy Presentation – Dr. Robert Slotterback

· ISD 280 has proposed to revoke $301.40 per pupil of the school district’s existing referendum revenue authorization and to replace that authorization with a new authorization of $717.40 per pupil.

· The average cost to tax payer is approximately $119 per year based on the value of $185,000 home

· Higher valued property will pay a proportionately higher amount and thusly lower valued homes pay lower amount. Commercial and Residential properties fall on the same scale.

· Why the need for the levy? To maintain positive momentum for enrollments, student performance, and maintain current options.

· Since 2009, the district has gained 305 students. We are finding families are choosing to come back to the Richfield school district. The momentum is gaining for our district due to academic performance: increase in ACT scores by African American students by 1.3; Hispanic student ACT scores up 3.4; Asian student ACT scores up 2.3; White student ACT scores up .5

· What is at stake if the referendum does not pass? Up to $5 million in reductions over next two years; significant class size increases caused by teacher layoffs; fewer options for students both academically and in co-curricular activities; maintenance declines.

· Current class sizes increased by 3 students for the 2011-2012 school year. If the ref does not pass, we could see class size grow by 6,7,8 students to a 29.6 student average.

· Pete Tensing – RDLS Parent and school board assistant – sign up to assist with the VOTE YES campaign (CQC)

· More info available www.richfield.k.12.mn.us or contact the superintendant directly at Robert.slotterback@richfield.k.12.mn.us

Adopt a Park Clean Up – Megan Ritchie

· The event is scheduled for Saturday 10/15/2011. Begins at 10am runs until 12 noon. Bring gloves, rakes, other supplies. Bags will be provided. Will focus on play area and area to the south up to 70th Street.

· The Committee Outreach Committee is looking for new members to assist with being a mentor to new parents, help with family questions regarding school programs, uniforms, activities, etc.

· Please contact Megan Ritchie for more information megan_ritchie15@yahoo.com

AV Equipment for RDLS – Kelly Johnson

· Currently, we are borrowing equipment from the high school for our events. Drawbacks are that we don’t have access to the equipment when we need it and run the risk of damaging equipment during transportation. Equipment consists of microphone, speakers, player, etc.

· Cost to our school would be from $250 - $400. More to come on what our needs are and what are budget will allow. Jen Spickelmier made a motion to move to purchase the system. Emilee Lindley seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously by the group at large for the go-ahead to purchase a system under $500. Many from the group will give input to Kelly Johnson on electronics outlets and sound equipment attributes.

Family Movie Night/Volunteer Coordinator – Gina Schneeberger

· Volunteer Manual – explains who we (the PTSO) are, what we do and how parents and families can assist with volunteering. Document will be sent home in Thursday folders in hopes that we can grow our PTSO group and build a stronger RDLS community.

· Friday 10/28/2011 for the first family movie night – showing “Kung Fu Panda”

· Looking into options for expanding snack/food offering to maximize profits and make dinner easy for families

Food for Teachers during conferences – Aly Olson

· Organizing food for teacher during the conferences.

· Please sign up to bring food items on Tuesday 10/18 and Wednesday 10/19 consisting of soups, stews, breakfast items, lunch meats and cheeses for sandwiches, fruits/veggies, vegetarian items and sweets.

· Contact Aly Olson for more information aly_jepsen@hotmail.com

Book Fair – Teresa Kemmer

· Please sign up for a shift for Set-Up on Friday 10/14; Sales on Tues 10/18 3pm-8pm; Sales on Wednesday 10/19 from 8am-8pm; and breakdown Wednesday 10/19 after 9pm.

· Proceeds will go toward book credits for the classrooms and media center

· PTSO will sell t-shirts at book fair – will be busy – volunteers are needed

· Contact Teresa Kemmer tessi22@yahoo.com

Culvers – Steve Schneeberger – tabled for next meeting due to time constraints

School Uniform online ordering – tabled for next meeting due to time constraints

Formation of Fundraising Committee – tabled for next meeting due to time constraints

Next meeting: November 15th at 6pm