RDLS PTSO Meeting Notes - December 13, 2011

Post date: Jan 11, 2012 10:13:35 PM

1. Officer Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report: Not a lot of income yet this year ($644 total). Multi-cultural Fair and Read-a-thon will bring in bulk of income for the year.

b. Movie night income would be higher but Colleen took out the cost of the sound system and Spirit Wear income is negative right now because we just ordered another batch of shirts. We were totally out.

c. We have had some large expenditures this year including the Amity scholar (guest teacher program) and teacher discretionary fund.

2. French Toast Website – Carly Kidd

a. Carly will be adding information to the PTSO website about ordering from French Toast. There is a code that you have to enter to see items that meet RDLS uniform policy.

b. There is a one-time fee of $95 to get French Toast set up so that we can have them embroider items with RDLS logo. $3-$5 per item for embroidery. Prices on French Toast are about half the cost of items at the Saint Louis Park store. Approved by PTSO.

3. Child care for PTSO meetings

a. Tasha from Fun Club and Clara (Amity scholar) will care for children during meetings in the Fun Club room across the hall from the Gym

b. We are committing to $20/meeting minimum, asking for $1 per child

4. Transition committee report – Lisa Hintermeister

a. Visited Saint Louis Park Middle School – met with Dual Immersion teachers there to talk about their program.

b. They are asking us to read through questions the committee is using when talking with other schools, teachers and parents. Looking for feedback about the questions and additional questions that might be helpful. Lisa handed out a list of the questions. Parents can contact her with feedback at dlhint@marketplacehome.com.

5. Read-a-Thon in February 2012 – Bret Behnke/Stacey Gibbs

a. Need to get organized, packets and fliers ready to go out 3rd or 4th week of January. Contact Bret Behnke or Stacey Gibbs to get involved.

b. Used website called positivepromotions.com to order prizes – wristbands, water bottles, etc.

c. Students don’t have to raise money to participate, they just need to read and fill out the reading log.

d. Ice cream party for all participants at the end of March/beginning of April.

6. Amity Scholar update – Karen Sherman

a. Program is going well, many positive experiences with classrooms and families at RDLS.

b. Contact Karen to set up time to have her over to the house or have her join your family for a meal or special activity.

7. Family Movie Night – Gina Schneeberger

a. Lighter turn-out than past events. About 100 people came. Raised ~$320 total, minus some money for supplies, candy, water.

b. A parent will order supplies to make our own screen (about $35 cost).

c. $400-$500 to get an 8 oz popcorn maker so that we don’t need to borrow one from STEM going forward. Will use proceeds from January movie night to pay for it. A parent sells restaurant equipment and will look into getting a used one or a new one for a good deal.

8. Pennies for Patients

a. January/February – Melissa will send home boxes for the kids to collect money for the charity. Will try to send home before the holidays to get collections over the holiday break. Last year we raised $2,100.

b. For families struggling with Leukemia or Lymphoma. Small organization that helps with things like transportation to/from treatments, individual needs of families. They have 40 ‘heroes’ every year, local kids who are going through these treatments. This year they would like to have one of the ‘heroes’ come to RDLS to speak to the children, and have an individual ‘hero’ for each classroom.

c. Will have box out during January movie night for Pennies for Patients.

9. Fundraising committee – Betsy Lindow

a. Betsy has some experience with fundraising and will be leading a committee to review fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Looking for volunteers to join the committee and maybe meet once a month or so to review potential opportunities.

10. Saving Dinner fundraiser – Megan Ritchie

a. Planned out meals with grocery list, freezer/make-ahead meals.

b. Set a goal, maybe to put the money towards the Amity Scholar program.

11. Room Parent/volunteer – Jeremy Kidd

a. Jeremy created a proposal for a room parent program to get more families involved in outreach and school activities. Jeremy has a handout with this information.

b. Goal is to create a link between the school (teachers/administration/PTSO) and the families in the school community. Room parents maintain relationships with families of children in their child’s classroom.

c. There would be one English-speaking parent and one Spanish-speaking parent in each classroom that would be responsible for communicating between school and families. They would work closely with Shirley, the Outreach Coordinator for the school.