RDLS PTSO Meeting 01/18/2011

Post date: Jan 22, 2011 2:13:20 AM

RDLS PTSO Meeting 01/18/2011


1. Dollies for Musical Instruments-Kelly J – Husband has been constructing – will complete by Feb 01, 2011 just in time for Sra. Lubbe’s deadline.

2. Pennies for Patients- Info has gone home – will run until Feb 17/18th – Grand prize winner to throw a pie at Sr. Versalles. Keep gathering those coins.

3. PTSO Website – Jeremy K – Resource for Families and Teachers RDLSPTSO.org. Main focus of website is VOLUNTEER opportunities and Calendar. Easily volunteer for an event, ask a question, synch to your Google Calendar to the RDLS PTSO Calendars, and stay connected. Email Nathaniel Lindley and Jeremy Kidd any ideas for links you would like to see.

4. Signs for Classrooms – Luis V. – Displayed classroom signs from elementary school from another district. Sr. Versalles would like support from PTSO with design process. Also looking to incorporate official school logo on sign. Possible to use butterflies from yard sign. Looking for a volunteer with marketing and design background. Kari Fuquay – Concord Elementary parent (from Marketing Lab) good contact for signage.


5. Book Fair – Cyndi Lybeck – Fair will run Wed Feb 16th and Thursday Feb 17th. Sign up to assist in set up Friday 2/11/2011; Wed Evening 2/16; Thursday 2/17 all day. Go to RDLSPTSO.org to sign up.

6. El Dia de Nino – Carey S. – April 30th Opportunity to celebrate literature and the child. Looking to provide a copy of the book for each classroom and a few for the media center. Currently, the media runs $12.95 per copy on amazon.com. Free shipping on orders over $25.

7. SPAC Report – Brett – Dr Slotterback going to propose year round school using ALC funds to cover costs. Any student enrolled in Richfield Schools in fall of 2011 will have free summer school in 2012. The concept was formed out of a brainstorming session on how to market programs the district is currently running. It is a way to draw more students to the district, distinguish Richfield and make it distinctive from other districts. Twenty-five percent of Richfield kids have opted out to other districts. Summer session would be optional – afterschool programming ALC would be shifted to summer school program. Fine Arts, Athletics, STEM, RDLS are the featured programs. Next SPAC meet Jan 27th 7-8:30pm.

8. Davanni’s Fundraiser – Unofficial estimates ball park profits of $313.00. Davanni’s Manager was happy with the turn out – they want to have us back in the spring. Note: You can call ahead to place your order so you don’t have to wait 30 mins.

9. Quick Financial Update – PTSO down about $1100 as we are short on fundraisers due to the loss of Applebee’s & one Culver’s event. Will try to supplement with another fundraiser. Davanni’s not yet in totals.

10. Community Outreach –Megan R - update on adoption of Christian Park – Team will organize event to do clean up in the spring. RDLS PTSO name will be on the city of Richfield Website as a park sponsor.

11. Book Swap – Stacey G. Might try to combine with a Friday night movie event or Multicultural Fair. Looking for ideas on how to run it, gather books prior to an event and then open it up to school families. Please contact Stacey Gibbs with your ideas on the best time to get traffic in and would not conflict with other events.

12. Book Flix Feedback – Melissa C – Free service to families and teachers. Questioning if it is the best use of our resources. Current license runs through August 2011. Geared to K-3rd grade. Some feedback is that it is difficult to use for first graders. Paper survey will go out.

13. Movie Night – Set your calendars for Friday Feb 11th at 7pm for the presentation of “UP” in Spanish. Great community building event. Asking for $1 per person donation. PTSO will sell popcorn, water, treats, etc. Flyers to go out during parent conferences; website and posters. Motion for Gina to purchase treats. Will need help with volunteers.

14. Uniform Donation Request – Size 7 for female student – Joy J. Working with school Social Worker Lisa Zurek. Currently, storage is an issue. Will collect clothing when the appropriate time comes.

15. Food for Teachers during Conferences – Aly O - Sign up to make crock pots of soups, stews, salads and treats for staff. Set up date Wed 2/16/2011; food for after school and evening; breakfast for refresh set of food for Thursday 02/17/2011.

16. Purchase Request Form – Jen S. – Process to request for money from PTSO – using current guidelines and rules. This is a good tool for organizational effectiveness and planning.

17. Read a Thon – Brett – Look for flyer coming home soon. Last year we raised over $2600. It is a big fundraiser for us. Goal is 65% participation by student population. If met, entire school treated to ice cream sundae party. Grand prize winner in each grade. Simply fill out the sheet with time of reading logged. Not necessary to raise money – just engage in reading. Blurb will go into each teacher’s monthly/weekly newsletter. We just want people involved. Simplify record keeping piece.

18. District Cuts – how will it affect RDLS – Tabled to next meeting due to lack of time.

Thanks to everyone for your time and support.