Meeting Notes from December 14, 2010 English

Post date: Jan 9, 2011 9:10:42 PM

Notes from RDLS PTSO Meeting 12/14/2010

Old Business

1. City Kid Java

· Per Lisa Hintermeister - 355 units sold with profit in the neighborhood of $1000-$1100.

· This is a raise in revenues from last year in the ballpark of $250-$300 despite smaller margins on chocolate and cocoa.

· Each teacher will receive a chocolate bar as a token of appreciation.

· Lisa is looking for feedback from parents on the order form, messaging, timelines, etc. Please contact her via email

2. Purchase Request – Dollies for Musical Instruments

· Kathy Lubbe is requesting carts for the new xylophones.

· A proto-type was on display and members brainstormed on how to build/buy/create.

· Kathy is in process of getting plans and the group put in motion the request to purchase materials once the plans and builder are secured.

· Thanks to everyone for their efforts.

3. School Sign – Brett Behnke

· Concerns were raised by Dr. Slotterback regarding the need for an LED/Lighted sign at the school as no other elementary school in the district has one.

· District funds will not be used for the sign.

· If RDLS explores, we will need to approval from homeowners and neighbors in the area. We need to have a community neighborhood meeting to deliver our plan, receive input/feedback and gain approval from the community.

· This project is been put on hold.

4. Playground Addition – Luis Versalles

· Received proposal of annual Capital Project for District for next 5 years.

· The district faces close to $1 million in cuts for upcoming year.

· Money is going to necessities like lockers, PA systems, building safety, etc.

· RDLS will get new blacktop on playground.

· A volunteer suggested SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement group who visited last meeting) could help with playground equipment.

5. School Website – Jeremy Kidd

· Update on new site including page owners for fundraisers and different board functions;

· Assistance is needed with Spanish translation.

· Domain name discussed – PTSO vs. PTO. Move passed to order two domain names and have them both funnel to the website. Cost of each is $15 per domain name per year.

6. Book Swap – Stacey Gibbs

· Looking to do a book swap within the RDLS community.

· Ideas were discussed to have it as a fundraiser and coincide with one of the school events such as curriculum night or potluck.

· Extra books would be donated to school.

· More brainstorming and details to come.

7. SPAC Report – Brett

· Budget cuts expected - bleak

· Levy will be coming up

· Moratorium on technology purchases as district has two computers for every student.

8. Community Outreach – Joy Jurewicz

· Discussed work by Jeremy Kidd on website

· Looking to adopt Christian Park for Community Service project

9. Davanni’s Fundraiser – Brett

· Davanni’s will donate 20% of sales to customers with RDLS coupon flyers during event

· Must present coupon in order to get credit for sale

· Can have volunteer distributing coupons to RDLS families at event

· Looking to do event in January 2011

10. Read-a-Thon Planning – Brett

· Will happen in February to coincide during conferences.

· Need to get word out to Kindergarten and First Grade families as this is a big fundraiser for the school

· Need higher involvement rate percentage from Kinder and First Grades – need better messaging for newer families.

11. Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast – Matt Jurewicz

· Sad news as Applebee’s is booked until July 2011. No fundraiser this year.

· Motion to try to secure a date in September/October 2011.

· Need to give Applebee’s two week notice on ticket sales.

12. Pennies for Patients – Melissa Campana

· Collect loose change to raise money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society

· Class who collects the most money will win a Dominoes Pizza Party

· Runs January 2011 thru Feb 16th

· Teaches students empathy for others

13. Name Switch from PTSO to PTO

· Debate regarding name change and what costs will be incurred

· Motion to keep name PTSO – stay the course, eliminate future confusion

New Business

1. Movie Night Fundraiser

· Kids gather in gym for pizza and movie (shown in Spanish?)

· Small fee collected – goes to support PTSO

· Builds community

2. Room/Teacher Signs – Luis Versalles

· Professional signs hung from drop ceiling naming Teacher and Room number

· Possible Background Themes included flags from South American Countries

· More research on costs, materials and resources