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Meeting Minutes

The PTSO meets the third Tuesday of every month during the school year. On this page, you will find meeting minutes.

April 16, 2019 - Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 17, 2019, 12:11 PM by Nicole Engel

  1. Amities
    1. Interviewed 4; invited 3 for the 2019-2020 school year
    2. 1 has accepted; waiting on 2 more
  2. Dress Code Policy Feedback
    1. District is revising lots of policies – wants feedback from parents before they revise the policy
      1. Policy says only sweaters with a school logo; Marta does not require this, but policy should reflect this.
        1. Plain black and burgundy sweaters, cardigans, or hoodies (hood has to be worn down).
      2. School “spirit” shirts can now be worn any day of the week. Only requirement is shirt has RDLS logo on it. 
      3. Exemptions from wearing a uniform: must be approved by Marta. Exemptions might be for religious reasons (for an entire year), or for a day (Girl Scouts).
  3. Planning 2019-2020
    1. Review, analyze what we’ve done
    2. Title I: supplemental funds to assist in meeting student’s educational goals
      1. Documents that we need your input
        1. Parent and Family Engagement (PFE)
          1. Want to establish partnerships with parents and the community; neither home or school can do the work alone.
          2. Need to do much more work to engage Latino families; individual phone calls, relationship-building; Latino Family Association meetings.
          3. Possibility for having PTSO meetings externally? At an apartment complex, community center, etc.
        2. Parent Compact
          1. Learning agreement between parent, student, school
          2. Received during Open House (2018) – will be distributed at Open House in 2019 as well
        3. School Improvement Plan
          1. In June we will prepare a plan for 2019-2020
          2. PFE will be included in the School Involvement Plan
  4. Packing classrooms for construction
    1. If teachers need assistance with packing, the PTSO will put out a request!
  5. Q: How much was raised at the Silent Auction? ~$5,000 - waiting for final numbers


March 19th, 2019 - General Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 22, 2019, 3:17 PM by Nicole Engel

  1. Call to Order
  2. Guest speaker: Cynthy Mandl 
    1. Richfield Friendship City Commision; our friendship city is Heredia, Costa Rica (since 1991)
      1. Program where a US city has a relationship with a foreign city
    2. Photo exhibit of Costa Rican wildlife
      1. Family friendly event; refreshments provided at reception on April 6th, 1:00-3:00pm at Richfield Community Center
  3. 501c3 status: 
    1. Process has begun!
    2. Formalizes our organization; will open up more fundraising/donation activities from businesses who will be able to claim the donations on their taxes
    3. Exciting opportunity to grow the work of the PTSO!
    4. Katie Sheperd is heading up this effort. Thank you Katie!
  4. Fundraising Update
    1. Read-a-Thon Update
      1. Students raised over $1500
      2. Many thanks to Emily Gold for an incredible month! Lots of creativity and time went into her plan.
    2. Silent Auction April 13th, Local Roots Café -- 5:30pm-whenever
      1. Collapsing Stars (band) will be playing at the event
      2. Biggest fundraiser of the year; need donations from parents, friends, family, community members, businesses!
      3. Donations: what are we looking for?
        1. Monetary donations to assist with overhead costs
        2. Basket donations
          1. Each grade is doing a basket – children will be asking for donations
        3. Service donations - do you have a skill or trade you could offer up? 
          1. Knitting lessons, car detailing, home-cooked meal, etc. Anything you think someone might be willing to spend money on!
        4. Wine bottles
          1. Looking for donated bottles of wine for a wine pull
  5. End of the year picnic, May 29at Veterans Park
    1. More info coming!
  6. Open PTSO Board Positions for 2019-2021 School Year
    1. Spanish-speaking co-president
    2. Volunteer Coordinator
    3. Fundraising Coordinator
  7. News from Marta
    1. 1 amity has been solidified for next year
    2. If interested in hosting an amity speak to Sra. Marta or anyone on the board!
  8. Sra. Taylor: wanted to thank the PTSO for funding the choir’s performance at the MOA
    1. Choir will next be performing at Richfield’s Empty Bowls event, March 28th
    2. Is looking for guitar and piano teachers willing to offer group music lessons with the Community Education program – a more affordable way to provide music lessons – do you know anyone?
  9. Polly: specialist night was really phenomenal! 
  10. Adjourn

February 19th, 2019 - PTSO Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 19, 2019, 7:12 AM by Nicole Engel

Coffee with the Principal - Sra. Marta's Agenda
  • Packing for school construction
    • Two evenings – school will be open until 9pm
    • Only a few adults – teachers will plan
      • April 19th
      • May 17th
    • Saturday packing – morning or afternoon
      • Teachers are voting on soon
  • Kinder Registration Night
    • Number registered – 47, this is a good number to start
    • Number of classes – not able to say yet; will be set in May
  • Amities
    • Correction from last meeting: application fee $1600 each
    • Requesting 3 + 1
      • Need to write two requests – one for the 3 we already have, one for the extra one we are requesting
    • Stipend increased to $2400 – for 10 months, $240/month
      • We are able to have control over the money this year, and can divide it and dispense it in the way that works best for the amities. This will allow us to avoid the amities having such a long wait between when they start and when they first get payment.
    • Extra stipend to help with lunch? $400/amity
      • District says they cannot assist with this
  • Survey
  • RDLS Families Facebook
    • Purpose: sharing and requesting school-related information
    • What happens on the facebook page impacts the school – page is for the sharing of information, not the airing of grievances. Take grievances to the person/group directly!
  • Next morning meeting will be a big meeting! 
  • Have a great month :)

January 15th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

posted Jan 17, 2019, 11:01 AM by RDLS PTSO

  • Welcome! – Polly, PTSO co-president
  • 5thgrade choir performance
    • 1styear, bilingual choir, led by music teacher Sra. Taylor
  • Fundraising updates
    • Next Family Fun Night moved to Friday, Feb. 1st, 6:00pm
      • Theme: Dance Night!
      • Need volunteers; please sign up on Facebook or here:
    • February is Read-a-Thon month. 
      • Emily Gold organizes this event.
      • Need volunteers to help count minutes, etc. 
    • Silent Auction: April 13th
      • Hosted at Local Roots
      • Auction items that can be bid on; money raised goes to PTSO
      • Need auction items! Can be things (a gift basket) or experiences (cooking a meal for a family)
  • Richfield Ward 3: Action needed!
    • Announcement by Abby Whalen, Ben Whalen’s wife
    • Ben is running to replace Maria Regan Gonzalez’s seat on city council
    • February 12th– special election for city council ward 3
    • Ben is active in the city of Richfield, background in community organizing; goals for his city council seat are inclusion and bringing those who are most impacted by Richfield policies to the decision-making table. See more here:
  • Budget update: Emily, treasurer
    • “Where does the money we/the PTSO fundraises for go?”
    • 2018-2019 school year thus far:
      • Spirit t-shirts for all students
      • Food for teacher conferences
      • Movie licenses (Family Movie Nights)
      • Teacher reimbursements ($100 per teacher; $150 per new teacher)
      • New Book of the Month program
      • Gifts for teachers – beginning of year and holiday (x2)
      • Food for PTSO meetings (x2)
      • Choir request (transportation to MOA)
  • Updates from Sra. Marta
    • RDLS & STEM – remodel this summer
      • Packing begins next week!
      • Teachers will be working with room parents to plan packing their rooms. May be a need for parent volunteers – look for asks from your students’ room parents.
    • Amities: international Spanish-speaking teaching assistants
      • Request for next year are in – requesting 4 amities
      • Ask: please help us look for host families! Will stay with a host family for 5 months, then switch. 
      • Amities are not employees of the district, they are volunteers who receive a small stipend - $220/month.
        • Stipend is paid for by the district now – used to be paid for by PTSO fundraising.
    • What do I need to be a host family?
      • A private bedroom for the amity and to provide the amities with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
      • Host families do not need to have a student at RDLS!
  • Thank you for your time!

Meeting Minutes - December 18th, 2018

posted Dec 21, 2018, 8:44 AM by Nicole Engel

  1. Updates
    1. Latin American Festival 
      1. Friday, Dec. 21st
      2. 9:00-10:00 (K-2nd)
      3. 10:15-11:15 (choir + 3rd-5th) 
  2. Furniture selection currently happening for the remodel
    1. Remodel – bulk will be done this summer, but won’t be entirely complete until January 2020.
    2. Furniture will be consistent across the district – all kindergarten classes will have the same furniture, etc.
  3. Packing directions: January meeting with teachers
    1. Classes end 6/5; everything needs to be packed 6/6.
    2. Possibly we’ll need volunteers…Marta will let us know after January meeting.
  4. PreK Registration
    1. Registration is open right now!
    2. Register at Central
  5. Kindergarten registration
    1. January 17th– 5:30-7:30pm
  6. RDLS School-Wide Language Policy
    1. In order to promote our students’ bilingual development, responsibility of all classroom teachers to model Spanish at all times in front of students, other than during the English instructional block. 
    2. Parents – please support the teachers in this. If you come to the classroom, all English conversation should take place outside the classroom/in the hallway.
  7. Amities
    1. Application – how many amities do we want?
      1. Asked for 4, not sure how many we will get.
    2. Stipend - amities receive $2300 for the entire year/10 months, and don't get a first payment until the END of October. This makes September-October challenging for amities and their host families.
    3. Amities have to pay for lunch out of their own pockets. Other schools (Eden Prairie, Robbinsdale, Edina etc.) cover these lunches through the PTO budget.
      1. Can PTSO provide a stipend to cover this next year and going forward? $300/amity is the ask from RDLS to PTSO ($300 only covers 80 days at the adult lunch price – this would just be to assist, would not cover a lunch every day for the entire year).
      2. What can we do this year?
        1. Might individuals sponsor an amity?
        2. What about an amity specific fundraiser?
    4. Does the amity's stipend cut into the school’s budget?
      1. No, each school has a budget for the year that they can use with some discretion. 
      2. Amities cost the school $5,000/each – the bulk of that money is for the paperwork/program. Amities only get $2,200 (2018-2019); $2,300 (2019-2020).
  8. MCAs  
    1. Norms for staff going into the analysis 
      1. Be courageous in conversations
      2. Assume positive intentions
    2. Data Dialogue Record
      1. Predict – what do you predict the MCA data is going to look like? (what was your essential learning and what will the data show?)
        1. I predict… I wonder… I assume… I expect…
      2. Go Visual – Make the data come alive through visual representations
      3. Observe – what does the data show?
        1. Observe – do not infer! Do not use “because” statements.
          1. I observe… I notice… there is… I am struck by…
      4. Infer & Question – consider the possible reasons for the results you observed
    3. 2018 MCA Reading Proficiency 3rd-5thgrade
      1. Numbers have gone done across the district – including at RDLS
      2. MCAs are testing student's reading proficiency in English – students only receive formal English instruction starting in 3rdgrade
      3. Will our students always be tested in English?
        1. Yes, Minnesota does not allow other languages for MCAs
        2. MAP testing - we do test in Spanish but MAP is only through 2ndgrade
    4. 2018 MCA Math Proficiency – 3rd-5thgrades
      1. Again numbers have gone down across the district – including at RDLS
    5. School Improvement Plan [What actions will we take? What actions have been effective? What did people struggle with? What will you do to retest or refine, embed a change, reject a strategy, or create a new plan? What will you do for students who did not learn the material?]
      1. Based on data dig done in June
        1. Submitted on 9/1/2018
        2. Revised and resubmitted quarterly
      2. Title I school
        1. Means all students can receive instructional benefits
        2. School-wide
        3. You received and signed a form at Open House
      3. Goals for 18-19 school year
        1. Reading goal – 3% as a school
        2. Math goal – 3% as a school
      4. Summary – hard copy passed out at meeting 
      5. Professional Learning Community
        1. Allison Wolf - Reading Specialist
        2. Ken Friel - Math Specialist
        3. Melissa Ness - Teaching Coach
      6. Q: Can we incorporate a reading specialist night like the math specialist night?
    6. REQUEST: $300 for headphones for after school learning center? Sra. Hultengren
      1.  Approved by majority!

Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2018

posted Nov 20, 2018, 7:34 AM by Nicole Engel   [ updated Nov 20, 2018, 7:38 AM ]

  1. Fundraising
    1. Looking to form a fundraising team – group of 4-5 people to get together to plan and assist with fundraising events for the year
    2. Led by Jen Connelly
      1. Jen will lead the team. Individuals on the committee can be involved in various ways, according to their skillset/comfort level: volunteer on day of event, marketing, translation, getting donations, purchasing the film/buying the licensing, etc.
    3. We made $800 at the Glow Run Event on 10/26!
    4.  Family Fun Night is always a “suggested donation.” Everyone is welcome! It is a community builder, as well as a fundraiser. 
    5. RDLS PTSO made $7400 this year in the CherryDale Fundraiser!
      1. CherryDale pickup will be Tuesday, 11/20. Mike will need two volunteers on the day of. 
      2. We need a new parent to take the lead on Cherrydale moving forward (2019-2020). 
        1. Ann volunteered to step in to the role. Thank you Ann!
    6. Family Movie Night, December 7th– Incredibles 2
      1. A more expensive event to put on than the Glow Run because we have to buy the rights to the film. 
      2. We will have table games in the gym, as well.
    7. Thank you to all the new parents who volunteered for the Glow Run Event! We appreciate you!
  2. Senora Carrie Taylor’s ask
    1. Has started a choir for the 5thgraders.
    2. 1stperformance will be at the Latin American Festival on 12/21.
    3. Needed 25 students to be approved -- 33 5thgraders have joined! 
    4. Performances scheduled throughout the year, including at the Mall of America in the spring. 
    5. Has asked PTSO to fund some of the transportation costs for the new choir.
      1. Motion to approve $120 for transportation? Seconded. Voted. Motion passed.
  3. PTSO is purchasing spirit wear t-shirts for all of the students at RDLS. Will be ordered tomorrow!
  4. Attendees’ questions:
    1. RDLS calendar is empty again online. Nikki (PTSO secretary) will look into it.
    2. What is the status of the classroom book project (surplus money from playground money that was raised)? In process. Hopefully order will be placed in 2-3 weeks. 
    3.  What is Erin Hernandez’s role on the PTSO? Erin is the room parent coordinator, a position which is not on the PTSO Board, but she also assists the PTSO Volunteer Coordinator at times. 

October 9th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 10, 2018, 5:26 PM by Nicole Engel   [ updated Oct 10, 2018, 5:35 PM ]

PTSO Meeting/Coffee with the Principal


  1. Welcome and Activity 
    1. Activity from Innocent Classroom: a program that all teachers, admin, and staff are going through this year -
  2. Summary of the start of the 2018/2019 school year
    1. All PTSO meetings will be conducted in both English and Spanish. Agendas will be shortened to ensure that the meetings remain the same length. 
    2. Enrollment: 472 including 40 in pre-k
    3. Workshop Week: 
      1. Lucy Calkins reading curriculum 
        1. High Expectations, Achievable Goals
          1. Reading units of study… (5-6 weeks, varies by grade)
        2. A Clear Instructional Arc
          1. Focuses on more than just the level the student is reading at
      2. ENVoY
        1. Provides a range of strategies which focus on non-verbal communication skills to manage classroom groups
        2. Systematic approach to managing four distinct parts of a lesson
        3. A vehicle to influence
        4. 2 hour refresher for trained staff
        5. 1 day training for new staff
  3. Observations of staff
    1. Renewing contract – peer reviewers (2)
    2. Renewing contract on cycle – administrator (1) and peer reviewer (1)
    3. Probationary – administrator (3)
    4. Probationary – mentor (peer reviewer)
    5. 9 new teachers this year; 2 brand new to teaching, 2 from Spain
  4. SES – Student Engagement Specialist
    1. New position this year: Meghan 
  5. Amities: Santiago – Columbia; Marta – Spain; Nestor – Columbia
    1. Need winter clothing for Santiago and Nestor. Clothing has been purchased; how can we support the purchase?
      1. Approximately $300 has been spent, but all amities could use new/better boots. 
    2. Ann, Yesenia are heading to a sale this weekend. Will look into getting some boots in different sizes to store in the basement. 
    3. Ann: other dual schools ask parents to contribute some money for the amities every year. $5 per family per year might be appropriate for RDLS families? This could be used for winter clothing and incidentals.
      1. Important: Amities do not receive their first stipend for their work here until the end of October/beginning of November. 
    4. Polly: can we see the amity contract/does it clarify what is the responsibility of the host families? There is a lot of grey area here. 
      1. Need to develop a sustainable program going forward to support the amity program.
      2. Sra. Marta: we need to have a meeting between the PTSO Board and the Amity program.
  6. Book of the Month Program
    1. Each month teachers will receive a selected book that lends itself to conversations around culture, race, and equity.
    2. Our First Book: All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color
    3. Windows & Mirrors: windows – see outside of themselves and their world (perspective-taking); mirrors – see themselves reflected in the curriculum.
    4. Project cost is $1783 for the school year
      1. We have applied for a grant for $750 of that. Won’t know if we received the grant until the end of November.
    5. Sheridan Hills began the program in the district. We have selected bilingual books and/or Spanish books.
    6. Members approved the proposal – we will move forward with Book of the Month. 
  7. MCA Data – will be discussed next meeting
  8. SIP (School Improvement Plan) – will be discussed next meeting
  9. Audrey: Concordia Language Villages might provide opportunities for the amities; willing to take the lead on the Box Top program.


September 18th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 20, 2018, 2:53 PM by Nicole Engel

PTSO General Meeting - 1stMeeting of the 2018-2019 year

  1. Welcome and Board Introductions
  2. Thank you Carly Kidd for all of your hard work on the PTSO over the past few years!
  3. Community building activity. 
  4. 2018-2019 goals
    1. Grow and strengthen our community as parents and teachers
    2. Increase numbers at PTSO meetings
    3. Brand PTSO and become a 501c3
      1. What does that mean? 
        1. Would give us nonprofit status
      2. What would it get us? 
        1. More assistance from the community – if businesses could write off their donations on their taxes, we might see more community sponsorship and support
      3. What has prevented us from becoming a 501c3?
        1. Time and money
  5. Annual Budget Discussion & Approval
    1. Fundraisers – same as last year except addition of Fall Fundraiser 
      1.  Where does this money go?
        1. Section C on the budget – what we spend the money on: books, teacher reimbursements, staff appreciation
    2. 501c3 finances = $5,000 (doesn’t mean that’s what it is going to cost, because we should be able to find help in the process in our community)
      1.  PTSO raised $45,000 for the playground over 3 years; district had extra money thanks to referendum, so only needed to contribute $25,000. Left us with an extra $20,000 we were not expecting. Books in Spanish are very needed. Approved $10,000 to be spent on books at May 2018 meeting. Books were not purchased over the summer – Melissa Ness is leading this project and will take suggestions moving forward.
    3.  One additional change: teacher reimbursements should be $4,500 – we had a request that new teachers get an additional amount. 
    4. Budget was approved by a simple majority
  6. Ways to get involved with the fundraising events [contact Jen to get involved!]
    1. October 26th: Glow Run (kids run laps on a course at night)
      1. Need volunteers for set-up, serving food, clean-up/tear down
      2. Need sponsors: get business recognition – know any businesses that would want to sponsor?
    2. April fundraiser will need lots of volunteers
      1.  Need a new venue: anyone have suggestions?
      2. Will need donations: do you have a skill you can contribute/donate? Get in touch with Jen. Time or talent!
    3. Book fair in fall and spring during parent-teacher conferences – we are looking for someone to take these over! Please contact Polly about this.
  7. Announcements from Señora Marta
    1. Uniform clarification
      1. Khaki, black, or grey for uniform bottoms
      2. White, black, grey, or burgundy for tops
      3. Shoes can be black dress shoes OR any color gym shoes. Must be closed toe. 
      4. Sweater/sweatshirts: only black or burgundy, with no writing or design
    2. Children must be dropped off in the morning in the back of the school. No children will be allowed to enter in the front in the morning. It's a safety issue for the buses. 
    3. 3 amities this year; 2 from Colombia, 1 from Spain
      1. Amities are available to tutor – cannot accept cash/check payments, gift cards only.
      2. Amities are available for dinner, activities, etc. Please invite them out!
  8. Thank you for coming and spirit wear giveaway!

May 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes

posted May 16, 2018, 8:19 AM by Amy Cook   [ updated Aug 9, 2018, 12:07 PM by Nicole Engel ]

1.  Held elections for open Board positions.  Here is the PTSO Board for 2018-2019
Spanish Speaking Co-President:  Yesenia Barcenas
English Speaking Co-President:  Polly Inestroza
Treasurer:  Emily Overpeck
Secretary:  Nikki Engel
Fundraising Coordinator:  Jen Connolly
Volunteer Coordinator: Reem Reyes

Thank you to all of you for giving your time and energy to improve our school!!!

2.  End of year picnic is 6 p.m. on May 30th at Veteran's Park. The picnic is potluck and a flyer with food assignments by grade level went home this week.
3. Companies to Classrooms:  Non-profit that provides free and very low cost school supplies to teaches is in despearte need of financial donations due to large rent increase. Info. on how to donate will be on school facebook page soon.
4. Heart of the Dance:  Board voted unanimously that $2000 of PTSO funds for just one grade level is too much.  RDLS will not participate.  Centennial and STEM school have also declined participation.
5.  Treasurer Update:  After meeting all expenses, PTSO has $5000 to spend from this year.  Also, the district has informed us the PTSO only needs to contribute $25,000 to playground and we have $45,000 saved, so we have another $20,000 on hand and uncommitted.
6.  Teachers were surveyed about classroom needs.  Number one request was more books for classroom libraries.  PTSO voted to spend up to $10,000 over the summer on books for classroom libraries. Melissa Ness will be consulted on how best to procure appropriate books.
7.  Melissa Ness will take over as Teacher Rep for next year.  Thank you so much to Mary Abel for her service in this position.
8.  By laws were approved and are on the website.  The Spanish version is in need of some minor editing which will occur soon.
9. In order to transition the board, Ericka Garcia and Carly Kidd will be removed from the RBCU account. Emily Overpeck and Yesenia Barcenas will be added to the account. 

*****Thank you, Carly Kidd, for your 5 years of service on the PTSO Board as both Secretary and President.  Thank you Erika Garcia for your two years of service as Treasurer!******

April 17, 2018

posted Apr 17, 2018, 12:41 PM by Amy Cook

Sra. Marta presented the following information:

The district is projecting the following enrollment numbers for next year:
K=80, 1st=79, 2nd=63, 3rd=65, 4th=72, 5th=78  If accurate, that would mean 3 sections per grade level.

RDLS will be hiring one 1st and one 5th grade teacher to teach these additional sections.

District is considering adding a 2nd section of PreK and has applied for grant money to fund it.  There is currently a waiting list of 24 students for PreK at RDLS.

RDLS has secured 2 amities for next year, and has applied for 2 more.

Resignations for next year include: 1 ESL teacher, Srta.Alba in Kinder, and 1 Special Ed Teacher

Due to increased number of sections, all specialists (Media, PE, Art & Music) will be at least a .8 FTE next year

G/T will remain at .5 FTE, math interventionist at 1 FTE, reading interventionist at .5 FTE, and ELL at 3.0 FTEs

Sra. Marta also reported on a proposal to have the Heart of the Dance program at RDLS:  The district is considering this program for all 4 elementaries.  STEM may be piloting it this spring. The cost is $4000, which would provide 10 lessons to each 5th grade class.  The instruction supports both music and PE standards.  RDLS would provide $2000 of funding and the PTSO is being asked to consider providing the other $2000.  We will need to vote on this expenditure at the next PTSO meeting at 6 p.m . on May 15th.

Building Update planning is underway.  A Core Planning Group comprised of students, staff and administrators is meeting to discuss needs/design plans.  Group toured 4 other schools for ideas.

Urban Wildland Event will be July 28th.  Volunteers will be needed to staff water stations.  Look for more information in the future.

Testing has begun at RDLS. MCA & NWEA schedules are posted on the school website:

PTSO Agenda

We still need  a PTSO secretary for the 2018-2019 school year.  This volunteer position requires taking notes at 2 meetings per month.  SO EASY!  Contact Amy Cook ( if interested.

Silent Auction Update:  65 people braved the blizzard to attend and $4000 was raised.  Expenses were underwritten by 4 local businesses, which was a huge help. Will be seeking new venue next year, as the VFW was very difficult to work with.  THANK YOU JEN CONNOLLY AND TEAM  for all your hard work on this event.

Meeting Attendees unanimously approved continuing to alternate PTSO meetings between morning and evening for the 2018-2019 school year.

It was proposed the school safety committee be re-formed to discuss issues at school, especially getting students safetly across nearby streets to get to and from school.

The Great RDLS Book Exchange is off to a great start!  More Spanish books are needed!

PTSO has approximately $5000 to spend.  Discussed possible uses for funds. Ideas included:
  • Welcome Gifts for incoming Kindergarden families:  Welcome Letter, magnet or bumper sticker, Spanish book, etc, packaged nicely...estimated cost of $15/gift
  • Playground/Recess Bags - outdoor equipment to use at Recess- balls, jumpropes, etc.
  • Book in Spanish for each student to take home at summer break, to supplement The Book Exchange
  • Heart of Dance program mentioned above:
  • Garden to Classroom Program - taught by outside professional at approx. $100/lesson
  • Help fund field trips, or transportation costs for field trips

Next Meeting:  6 p.m. on May 15th, 2018 in RDLS gym

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